Bill Clinton POTUS

Did I fall into a time warp?  Today, Bill Clinton addressed the country on the Tax Legislation being considered by Congress.  He was quite persuasive in his support for the legislation.  Is he the President of the United States?  Did I miss something???    Bill was eloquently speaking to the public as Barack Obama stood at this side, nodding with awe and wonder!  Obama reminded me of a little kid who called in his Dad to fight the bullies for him!  Once again, Obama has embarrassed himself and the office of the President!

Come on 2012!!! It can’t get here fast enough!!

P.S. When Clinton started taking questions from the press, Obama excused himself because he didn’t want to keep Michelle “waiting!” Awkward!!!


2 responses to “Bill Clinton POTUS

  1. On the job training generally involves watching an experienced person complete the assigned task before venturing out on your own. Unfortunately Obama had to leave early as Clinton took questions for an additional twenty minutes. Lucky for Obama it was Bill Clinton, not Hillary, who subbed for him.

    The weakness of Jimmy Carter was a major factor in getting Ronald Reagan elected. Carter’s policies and the Iranian hostage crisis combined to make Carter look weak and ineffective. Even Carter never relinquished the podium at a Preidential news conference. Admittedly he spoke about a malaise in the country but at least he did not call on anyone else to speak for him.

    Obama is lost and painted into a corner by his deference to the Democrat leadership over the past two years. The recent election results have forced Obama to develop a relationship with GOP. Obama is wedged between leftist survivors, acscendant Tea Party true believers, and the GOP leadership.

    Bill Clinton’s famous triangulation was possible because he co-opted parts of the GOP agenda and he returned to his DLC roots. Independents were there waiting for him.

    Obama’s roots are on the extreme left. The Democrat November 2 survivors are out there with him. There are very few independents ready to lurch to the left. This leaves Obama with a need for a centrist spokesman like Bill Clinton. He better take care that he does not get caught in a Clinton meat grinder between Bill and Hillary. I hear some on the left are already shopping for a primary challenger for the annointed one. We will see in due time.

  2. I hope the GOP tells Obama to take the “massaged” deal and shove it! The GOP is being hypocritical. They won the mid-terms claiming that they would be tough on spending! America elected the GOP to stand up to the left….not to give in to his progressive policies. I am disappointed with the GOP….they have agreed to a package that is full of “pork” and left-wing “green” wet-dreams! Let the taxes go up….and then pass THEIR program in January. Then Obama will not have the courage to veto the bill!

    And, Freddy, you are correct! The Clinton meat-grinder will turn Barack into sausage!

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