I Want To Work For The Government!!!

I am sure it is no surprise that federal employees earn more than their private sector counter-parts!  Would it surprise you to know that public employees cost MUCH MORE than private employees.  According to the CATO Institute, the 2008 average compensation (wages AND benefits) for a federal employee was $119,982 versus $59,909 for a private sector employee! The federal employee cost is DOUBLE the cost of a private sector job! Let me repeat that:  It cost TWICE as much for a federal employee than a private sector employee!  And who is paying the federal salaries?  You guessed it!  You and I (taxpayers) are paying the bill for all those people!  Ain’t it great!

And, this is not new!  As far back as 1950, a federal employee cost 19% more than a private sector person.  Now the difference has grown to 100%!  Not only is the wage level higher, the benefit differential between public and private is substantial.  As a federal employee you get:  more vacation and holiday pay; greater job security; earlier retirement; exemption from state income taxes; and many more!  In addition, public employees are LESS productive that private employees!  Life just got better, right?!?!

Let’s delve into these numbers a little more.  Each federal employee cost the taxpayers over $39,500 in annual benefits…more than four (4) times their private sector complement.  And let’s remember that the federal government added more than 81,000 jobs in the Obama administration’s first year.  Furthermore, the 700,000 jobs “saved” by the “stimulus” package were almost exclusively civil service jobs!

Here are a couple of other interesting facts.  In 2010, less that 7% of private sector working Americans belong to labor unions; whereas more than 52% of total union membership is government employees.  Something to think about as you ponder the relationship between the Democrats and the nation’s unions.  How much money did unions contribute to Democratic candidates in 2008 and 2010?  Ask Andy Stern former president of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

The federal government has become a sanctuary for highly paid, underperforming employees.  And, there is no end in sight.   Congress does not have the courage to force significant cuts in the federal budget….because it would mean cutting some federal jobs.  Congress has not gotten the message of November 2.  Currently, Congress is considering a 1,924 page costing $1.27 TRILLION  to allow the government to continue to operate through this fiscal year.  And, the bill is LOADED with EARMARKS!  HELLO!!!!

Bottom line:  If you are a recent college graduate or anyone else in the job market, try to land a government job!  The wages and benefits are great!  I want to work for Uncle Sam!  Oh, that’s right…I do work for the government!  I pay taxes!

Warning:  Before you read this post, the US National Debt Clock will probably pass $14,000,000,000,000 in debt! Unless federal spending and the size of government (at all levels) is reduced, the country can never regain control of its’ destiny!

Visit: www.usdebtclock.org  and watch your money disappear!


6 responses to “I Want To Work For The Government!!!

  1. What are we considering a private sector employee? Because the independent contractor that is building my highway is paying his laborers with taxpayer money. How does that figure into the equation?

    Secondly, if you think government employees are what swallows are yearly budget you are sorely mistaken. Medicare, defense, social security, agriculture–and the list goes on for things that contribute to our national budget. Labor, my friend, isn’t much of a dent in that budget.

    What your Republicans counterparts fail to tell you is that while they want a controlled fiscal plan, they don’t want their country club brethren to pay for it. You don’t want to pay fair wages for your workers? Fine, then offer affordable housing or see government REALLY take over. We’ll be Germany in no time.

    What middle class conservatives fail to see is that there is no middle class anymore, and you have the Republican Party to thank for it. Wall Street is on its way to its second year of record profits, and you haven’t seen more than a 2 percent raise per year for the last decade. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? I met a lady that worked at a gas station, and she had a bumper sticker that read “Had enough, vote Republican.” Upon asking why she had her bumper sticker she stated “I have a small business.” Shocking, to say the least, because she has to work a second job although she has a small business. My guess is her business isn’t going to come close to the $250,000 tax bracket that the right holds so dearly.

    Look, I understand you want the American dream, and you don’t want the government telling you how to run your life, but if you don’t read more into what your party is backing, you’ll be a Democrat without even knowing it.

    In closing, the last thing I’ll say is that the Bush tax cuts were supposed to create jobs for the next ten years. We’ve had the slowest job growth out of any presidency since Roosevelt. Trickle down economics just doesn’t work.

    Tommy B

  2. Oh, and half of those earmarks are by Republicans that swore they wanted to ban earmarks.

  3. This one really bothered me, so I had to do some research:

    One reason for the disparity is the private sector employee’s benefits are being ripped out right from under him. Yeah, a government employee probably does cost more, because the government employee isn’t getting screwed at every turn out of their healthcare, vision, dental, etc.

    Here, take a look 🙂


  4. Tommy Boy…..I take it you a big fan Glenn Beck, Rush, & Hannity! BTW, you aren’t REALLY trying to justify the size and cost of the federal government, are you!?!?

  5. The earmark issue is largely for show and appeasement! The money is not big…but, BOTH parties had better heed the warning of the public on Nov.2. The GOP is on a short leash! If the GOP cuts budgets & deficits, 2012 will be a walk-over!

  6. Bob, you are correct. Regardless of what is creating most of the debt, the debt is the greatest single threat to our way of life. Someone and they are our elected Representatives, Democrates and Republicans, had better get real about cutting it or it will be over the top and we will find ourselves within a bankrupted system. We need to get beyond whose fault it is and start demanding action to reduce this debt starting now…..

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