Obama Administration Top 10 Gaffes for 2010

Oh, where to begin!  There are so many choices!  What the heck, let’s just get started:

#10    Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said her agency is working 364 days each year keeping America safe!

#9     Eric Holder, Attorney General, couldn’t find the time to read the 17 page AZ Immigration bill before filing suit!

#8     Obama claims to have visited 57 states!

#7     Hillary addresses Kevin Rudd as the Prime Minister of Australia even though he lost his job 5 months earlier!

#6     Obama changes his tune on the Ground-Zero Mosque from one day to the next….then back again!

#5     Director of National Intelligence (oxymoron, maybe) Clapper did not know about the arrests in a terror plot in England before Christmas.

#4     Michelle Salahi and hubby crash a White House dinner and get way too close to the POTUS!  (Nice security!!)

#3     The Beer Summit in which Obama tried, in vain, to quell the national uproar over the racial overtones of his initial comments about the Cambridge, MA. police dept. (Don’t forget about Shirley Sherrod!)

#2    Obama proclaiming on Leno’s show that bowling was a Special Olympics sport for him!

#1     Joe Biden:  Healthcare is a “big fucking deal!”


5 responses to “Obama Administration Top 10 Gaffes for 2010

  1. A friend offers these top 10 Conservative gaffes as a rebuttal to the post:

    10. Joe Barton apologizing to BP for putting our ocean where it might contaminate their oil.

    9. Sarah Palin having to write notes on her hand.

    8. Michael Steele saying most anything.

    7. Rand Paul coming out against civil rights.

    6. Sarah Palin not knowing that “North” Korea is not our ally.

    5. Michele Bachman saying just about anything, but in particular claiming that the President’s recent trip would cost $200mm/day.

    4. Can you say “repudiate?”

    3. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and the Fat Man, every damn day…

    2. I am not a witch…

    1. FOX News, 24/7!

  2. Bob, as bad as the verbal mistakes or the “not knowing” mistakes, nothing is as bad for our safety as our national debt. When will these fools slow down the spending????? America will be on its knees before we can clean up this mess even if we start right now. The lack of concern about this growing debt is total irresponsibility. Every person knows, without doubt, that over-whelming debt will defeat a person, a family, a city, a county, a state or a national government when it cannot be repaid. Our national debt is over-whelming. I hope Americans will not take their eyes off of this problem this year and make our representatives focus on it.

  3. Atlantic….The Repubs are in a difficult position. If they do vote to increase the debt ceiling, they will be perceived negatively by the fiscally conservative wing of the party! If they don’t raise the ceiling and something bad happens, they will be hit with that negative, too! By proclaiming that they would not raise the debt, they have, unwittedly, painted themselves into a corner. Let’s hope Boehner can negotiate some real cost cuts from Obama before they raise the ceiling. A tough spot! The Repubs cannot just sit back and chip away now….the dog has caught the bus! I hope they are up to the task!!

  4. Bob, yes, the Repubs have put themselves in a difficult position for public opinion. However, if they can get the spending level back to 2008 levels, it will be a beginning. I believe it will take highly motivated and highly financially skilled representatives to successfully get our debt under control. I do not know if this group is up to the task and it will be too late if we have to wait for another election.

  5. As I wrote earlier, I am disappointed with the Repubs so far. They gave Obama a victory with the extension of unemployment, etc., coupled with the tax extension. They should have played hard-ball! When will they learn that the Left is relentless in their pursuit….and sneaky, dishonest! Pelosi made an ass of herself (again) at the changing of the gavel! They are not to be trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the Tea Party winners will hold the old GOP’s feet to the fire! Someone needs to do it!

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