National Debt Disgrace

Little Timmy Geithner (shown here trying to count his fingers)  warned this week that the national debt will break through the federal debt ceiling of $14.3 Trillion near the end of the first quarter of 2011!   What wonderful news!!!  We must now depend on a Congress full of financially inept morons to determine the fate of the country! Will they have the courage to  make some hard decisions? Will the newcomers (mostly Tea Party Candidates) keep the pressure on their more experienced (but, probably, less competent) House mates to cut the size of the federal government, stimulate business and the economy, and reduce regulatory oversight?  Can an American financial disaster that will affect the entire world’s economy be averted?  We’ll have to wait and see.  The House should hold Obama accountable to agree with serious expense reductions before even considering an increase in the debt ceiling! But, make no mistake, our circumstances are dire!  Swift and decisive action is required by our leaders!

The US National Debt Clock has passed $14,000,000,000,000 in debt! Unless federal spending and the size of government (at all levels) is reduced, the country can never regain control of its’ destiny!  Click on the link below to see the clock for yourself!  Pretty scary!!!


One response to “National Debt Disgrace

  1. Bob, I truly believe this is the greatest threat facing our nation at this time. Terrorism is probably the thing people feel the most insecure about and recession and high unemployment are all things to concerned us. However, our national debt is the one thing that we could get under control if we had strong enough leadership. Our current way of government could be maintained and freedom as we have known it would continue. However, if we allow debt to continue at the rate it is, the United States will be weakened to the point that it will change to something we have never experienced before and will change the government structure. To what, is anybody’s guess. Let us hope the American people will demand our representatives stay focused on this issue and make tough decisions that will be difficult in the short run but good for the country in the long haul.

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