Quick Hits – 1/22

++ Nuclear talks with Iran in Turkey off to a slow start as Iran refuses to discuss uranium enrichment. This is like the movie “Groundhog Day!”  The world will wake up to Iran as a threat when they finally annihilate Israel!

++Obama appoints Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, to head up an economic advisory panel. Before Immelt took over, GE’s stock price was in the 50’s…..now it is below $20.  Nice choice, Obama!  The fox is in the hen-house!!  It appears Immelt’s support of the progressive agenda has paid off for him!  Can you say “conflict of interest!”

++Keith Olbermann  and MSNBC have “ended their contract!”  I guess Keith finally pissed off the wrong person!  How he has lasted this long is beyond me!  Good riddance!!  Keith: “You are the worst person in the world!”

++Cross off Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas, from your presidential hopeful list.  Under Perry’s leadership, Texas faces a $25+ billion shortfall!  There is no excuse for Perry allowing Texas to be lumped in with California!  Shame on you, Rick!!

++Gabby Giffords’ miracle continues.  Today she was moved from Arizona to Houston to begin her rehabilitation after being shot by a madman.  Let’s all pray for a reasonable recovery!


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