The Packers vs. The Steelers – A Real Super Bowl

Finally, it is settled.  After a long season, two of the most storied NFL franchises will  battle for the Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl on Feb. 6!  The Green Bay Packers overcame injuries that would have scuttled most teams and won three road games to take the NFC title; whereas, the Pittsburgh Steelers overcame the loss of their starting quarterback with a four game suspension to whip the New York Jets in the AFC title game. 

Cowboy Stadium,  Jerry Jones’ football palace that cost $1.2 billion, will host the big game.  Tickets will be VERY expensive and TV sponsors will have  to pay a premium for 30 second spots for the game.  Budweiser is already teasing us with their ads.  While I am a long-time Packer fan, I will enjoy the game in the comfort of my own “palace”  with a little vodka on the side!  Go, Pack!  Go!  Jane, on the other hand is a Steeler fan.  So someone  in the house will be happy at the end of the game.  Truth be known, she has a soft spot in her heart for Mr. Rodgers team, too!

It is funny how the fortunes of a team can change in a short time.  On the Packers webpage several weeks ago when the Cheeseheads lost consecutive games to the lowly Detroit Lions and the powerhouse NE Patriots, there was a chorus of calls for Head Coach McCarthy’s dismissal!  Now Boomer Esiason thinks McCarthy is the “coach of the year!”  What a fickle game!

I predict that the odds- makers will install the Packers as a slight favorite  (2-3 points) in the game.  Not bad for a team that lost 9 starters to injury this year. Regardless, it has been a good year for Green Bay and it should be a great game.

 P.S. Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, comes off as an all-time wuss when he choose to sit out most of the second half of the Packers-Bears game.  Most players would drag themselves onto the field for a championship game unless blood was gushing from their bodies. Knee injury….I never saw him hit or limp….and no brace after the game!!  Teammates will not embrace Cutler as a leader if he is unwilling to make the same sacrifices that are expected from them.  Don’t be surprised if the Bears trade Cutler in the offseason.  He lacks the one thing all great football players need….He lacks heart!!!  A quitter?!?!?


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