Dinner for None, Please!

A relative in Houston was relating a story about a neighbor being shot in a local restaurant.  Doesn’t sound all that unusual, does it?  Let’s delve a little further.  The restaurant was an up-scale Italian eatery on beautiful Lake Houston (that’s a cynical joke) in an upscale neighborhood.  Apparently, the firearm discharged (love the terminology) when it fell out of the pocket of an elderly patron, hitting another patron in the derriere.  Sounds funny, right; but, it is not funny at all!  The injured lady is struggling for her life in a local hospital and the “shooter” must be struggling with the idea that he has caused, potentially, irreparable damage to another person.  Not to mention the lawsuits that will follow!!! (Oh, yes, a happy ending for the frigging lawyers!!!)

So what is the point?  Jane and I got “concealed carry licenses”  a couple of months ago and the instructor repeatedly warned us of the consequences of carrying a loaded hand-gun!  (See previous posting “Jane is Armed and Dangerous” August 29, 2010.)  This incident is a stark reminder of how fragile life can be.  Two people went out for a nice (but, over-priced) dinner!  One went to the hospital and the other needs to have a good personal liability umbrella policy (and must live with his negligence)!  Kiss the ones you love…..you never know what twist of fate awaits you!


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