Obama’s State of the Union Code Words

Once again, President Obama addressed the joint Congress to deliver his annual state of the union message.  With his cleverly disguised teleprompters at his side, Obama attempted to stir the hopes and desires of the nation with his “Sputnik moment” about the economy.  Where has Barack been for the past two years….orbiting around the Earth, observing from hundreds of miles above the action?  Are we supposed to believe that he has found religion after ignoring the state of the economy while he pursued his progressive social agenda?  His answer to the problems that infect us is to “invest” in America.  That is Obama-speak for “spend” more tax payer money on infrastructure, education, and green jobs!  Also, he called on Congress to embrace a “bipartisan” approach to governance after two years of poisoning the well with Obama care and stimulus spending that produced nothing!  Obama must really believe that Americans are stupid!  Well, it ain’t so, Mr. President!  In the words of some anonymous wise guy:  Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on ME!”  The November mid-terms sent a loud message that seems to have floated over Obama’s head….again!!

Mr. President, there is a big difference between rhetoric and results.  America is waiting for you to show leadership in controlling debt, cutting the federal budget, and reducing the size and scope of government.  Failure to do so and you will ensure that you are a one-term flash-in-the-pan….just an unfortunate mistake in the history of America!

2 responses to “Obama’s State of the Union Code Words

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Bob. Results in less deficit spending, less government expansion and less taxes and regulations on businesses to increase business expansion and job growth versus smooth talk about government ‘investment’ (meaning increased government spending) is what we will judge Obama during the next year. Is he really as clueless as he appears or does he think he can sweet talk most of the American people again?

  2. Atlantic: My guess is that it is a shell game for Obama. I don’t trust what he has to say. To me, if his lips are moving, he is lying! And, his move towards the “center” is a slight of hand!! Beware!!

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