Rats & Sinking Ships!?!?

Just days before David Axelrod (Chief Advisor to Obama) was to leave the building, Carol Browner, Obama’s chief advisor on energy and climate matters, announced that she is leaving!  Another one bites the dust! So how many significant Obama appointees have decided (voluntarily or otherwise) to escape to “other opportunities” as the Obama administration tries to convince the American public that they are transitioning to a more moderate course for the country?  Oh, where to begin! Larry Summers (Nat’l Economic Council), Peter Orszag (Off. of Mgt & Budget Director), Rham Emanuel (Chief of Staff), Christine Romer (Economic Advisor) and Robert Gibbs  (Press Secretary) get us off to a good start!

Adding to the list:  Gen. James Jones (National Sec. Advisor); Glenn  Fine (Justice Dept. Inspector General); Greg Craig (WH Lawyer); and Ellen Moran (Communications Director).  There are several others, but let’s end this list with “Mr. Green Jobs” Van Jones.

Do these resignations signal a shift from the far left agenda that has been the hallmark of Obama’s first two years in office?  Has Obama really listened to the message that the mid-term elections sent loud and clear?  It is too early to tell.  I think his strategy is to make us “believe” he has heard us.  But, I am a cynic!  I think this is part of a longer term “shell game” where the progressive left will hide the ball from view!  However,  the USS Obama is definitely taking on water and starting to list (a little to the right, maybe); and the rats are looking for a place to run!

Come on GOP, come up with a candidate other than the unelectable Palin and Romney!  The GOP must find a fresh face to defeat Obama in 2012!  The race has begun!!!!!!!!!!

P.S   As a reminder, Axelrod is not leaving Obama’s service; he will be directing the re-election campaign of Obama for the 2012 election.  Let’s hope he fails miserably at his new task!


3 responses to “Rats & Sinking Ships!?!?

  1. The mass exodus of key players in most organizations would lead to performance degradation. Of course, this is based on the assumption that the departing players were qualified for their roles. Unfortunately the Obama Administration was staffed with cronies and idealogues pursuing an agenda that differs widely from the policy preferences of most Americans.

    Changing personnel will not improve operating results unless policy adjustments are made. It is likely that Obama will do little more than pay lipservice to moderation. To his credit and peril, Obama is a true believer in leftist policies.

    Obama has now turned to Clinton Administration retreads to fill the open positions in his Administration. Admittedly several of the new hires have more real world experience than the persons they are replacing. Efficiently pursuing ill advised policies will not make them more effective.

    Our Country is on the wrong track. Obama has lost the confidence of most Americans. He has also lost the confidence of many people around the world. Activities drive results. Successfully bombing the wrong targets is not progress.

    The change we need is not at the chief of staff level. It is at the very top. Obama was unqualified when he was elected. He is unqualified now. The people of the United States should have known this in 2008. Most certainly know this now.

    Hope and change have taken on an entirely different meaning since the 2008 election. Most of us are now hoping for change, namely a new POTUS. Someone will emerge that will be able to defeat Obama. Obama is doing a good job of beating himself on most fronts right now. Two years is a long time. Lets hope a true leader will step forward and end the madness unleashed on us in 2009.

  2. Fred…You have hit the nail squarely on the head. Obama and most of his appointees were not qualified for the jobs they were asked to do. You used the word “lipservice”….you hit the nail there, too! And, like you, I hope many are “hoping for change, namely a new POTUS.”

  3. Obama is an inexperienced boob!

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