Why isn’t Charlie Sheen in Jail?

Hollywood bad-boy, Charlie Sheen, has 9 lives when it comes to breaking the law.  This week-end Charlie checked into a hospital with abdominal pain after an alleged 36 hour drug and alcohol fueled binge at his Brentwood home with porn star, Kacey Jordan, and others.  This is just another in a long history of incidents that have plagued the multi-millionaire playboy!  Earlier in January, Sheen allegedly paid $30,000 for cocaine and hookers in Vegas!  $30,000…must be prime stuff!    In October 2010, Sheen trashed his hotel room at the Plaza Hotel in NYC and was found naked and high on cocaine (allegedly, again) in the hallway.  And, Charlie spent Christmas Day (2009) in jail in Aspen CO., after allegedly holding a knife to his former wife’s throat.  He was charged with a misdemeanor and criminal mischief!  Let’s not even mention the rocky relationship he had with Denise Richards!  What a guy!

He seems to escape hard time by fleeing to the comfort of rehabilitation to avoid confronting the possible jail time he could get.  As of today, he is back in his Brentwood mansion under voluntary rehab and counseling!  What a joke!  What does this guy need to do to get the book thrown at  him?  Isn’t cocaine illegal?  WTF!!!

If these incidents had happened some other poor schmuck, I doubt the result would have been voluntary home confinement!!  Why do celebrities get such favored treatment?  It took many incidents to finally get Paris Hilton, Leslie Lohan, and Robert Downey to pull some time.  Of these three, only Downey seems to have straightened out his life. I guess it must be the money and celebrity status that they enjoy!

Final comment on Sheen:  His hedonistic life style is costing the producers of “Two and One-half Men” a fortune as he continues to disrupt the shooting schedule for the show. 

Let’s hope Charlie will clean up his act.  But, I foresee a dismal future for him!  If he makes it to 50, it will be a miracle!  And, how much longer will the authorities turn a blind eye to criminal behavior?  Can you say, “Double Standard!”


One response to “Why isn’t Charlie Sheen in Jail?

  1. If this was anyone but a big star or athlete, they would be in trouble. Look at Ben Rothlisberger, R Kelly, Dennis Rodman, Kim Delaney, Kobe, etc., all got away with slaps on the wrists! Sometimes the system sucks!

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