Quick Hits – 2/4/11

++Want to buy a ticket for the Super Bowl at Jerry’s Palace? Inside the stadium you can spend $23,000 for a 45 yard line seat; and $2,400 for the nosebleed section.  And, for only $200 you can sit on the grass outside and watch TV!  No, thanks….my Barkalounger and Samsung are just fine!!

++Feb. 4, GALLUP.com reports that the 68-point average gap between Democrats (81%) and Republicans (13%) approval ratings for President Obama is up from 65% last year. Those represent the most polarized ratings for a president’s second year in office.  Our post-partisan POTUS is actually hyper-partisan!

++Supposedly, J-Lo is upset because she is not getting enough love on American Idol!  Steven Tyler is getting more press and accolades!  Oh, Diva Envy is a terrible thing!!

++David Blumenthal, Obama’s head of the National Council for Health Information Technology, is calling it quits!  Another one bites the dust and we still don’t know if Obamacare is constitutional, yet!!

++The unemployment rate fell to 9.0%.  What the numbers don’t tell us is the underemployment rate is 16-20%!  When the underemployment drops below 10%, the economy will be healthy again.  Pay attention to the right number…… Figures Lie & Liars Figure!

++Senate Inquiry Newsflash….FBI, Army Could Have Prevented Fort Hood Massacre!!  Maj. Nidal Hasan’s  superior officers referred to him as a “ticking time bomb;” but to be politically correct, they promoted the alleged killer before he murdered 13 and wounded 32 others!  Hasan’s radicalization to violent Islamist extremism was noted, but ignored!  Will we learn anything?


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