Quick Hits – 2/9/11

++The Democratic Leadership Committee (DLC) has passed away due to a lack of interest of moderates in the Democratic party.  Not to fear, the DLC is being replaced by the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) which is dedicated to moving the party farther to the left.  The PPI succeeds the DLC…sounds like more left-wing BS to me!

++Speaking of left-wing nuts, Keith “Worst Person in the World” Olbermann has landed a new gig working for Al Gore as the news director for Al’s TV network, Current!  (Has anyone even heard about Current?)  Combining the hot air from these two dweebs is surely to exacerbate global warming!! 

++Leslie Lohan will soon be charged with theft of the necklace she “borrowed” from a jeweler in Hollywood!  What are the odds that this celebrity “mean girl” will get some jail time?  It is warranted….we’ll see!!

++Christina Aguilera “muffed” the lyrics of “The Star Spangled Banner” in front of 111 million people at the Super Bowl.   It’s a hard song…but, come on!!  And, A-Rod got pissed at the Super Bowl when the cameras caught him being hand-fed popcorn by his gal-pal, Cameron Diaz!  Damn the pretty people have a hard life, don’t they!!!

++Tennessee Titans (NFL) new Head Coach, Mike Munchak, fired his Offensive Coordinator, Mike Heimerdinger.  Munchak must be a real tough guy….Heimerdinger was diagnosed with cancer in November!  Bad move, Mr. Munchak!  Remember:  What goes around, comes around!  Hope the Titans go 1-15 next season (if there is a NFL season)!  You, a-hole!!!


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