Quick Hits – 2/15/11

++Obama’s Wet-Dream Budget.  Obama has proposed a 2012 budget of $3.73 Trillion.  Are you kidding me?!?!?  The budget deficit for 2011 will be $1.6 Trillion and the National Debt has topped $14 Trillion.  And, he has proposed building a high-speed rail system in the US.  Can anyone say, AMTRAK!  He might create a few jobs….but the subsidies required to run a high-speed rail system will make the losses at AMTRAK and the USPS look like peanuts.  He is just pandering to his left-wing base!  Once an ideologue, always an ideologue!!  He must believe we are fools!!!!!

++$1 Million Lottery Ticket   Some poor schmuck is about to lose $1 million when the ticket, purchased in Stallings, NC, expires at 5 PM on 2/15/11!  Well, the state will be happy, any way!

++OJ Beaten in Jail! It has been reported that OJ Simpson was severely beaten and hospitalized in the Lovelock Correctional Jail in Las Vegas, NV.   What goes around, comes around!  The Goldman’s are smiling!

++John Edwards is accused of spending campaign funds to support his mistress when he was running for president.  With a Democratic Attorney General, who won’t even recognize “terrorists,” there is little chance Holder will opt to charge  Edwards. 

++Protesters have taken to the streets in Iran…but do not expect a result like in Egypt.  Ahmadinejad will quell the protestors just like last year.  But, watch your back, Mahmoud, the a new day is dawning in the Middle East!  History may yet prove that Bush have had it right!!


4 responses to “Quick Hits – 2/15/11

  1. Bob, you should have been a reporter. I get more of the straight scoop from you than the news channels. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may find himself in a real hot seat if he waivers at all. I expect his push back on any uprising to be tough and swift. His mean and cruel actions in the last uprising resulted in more than 60 people being handed in the open square and many more imprisoned. It amazes me that his people have the courage to try to free themselves from his rule. Like you, I sure hope they continue to push for human rights but expect the consequences to be harsh. Let us pray for a new day in Iran.

    I hope the Goldmans are smiling. Their son was an innocent victim of a premeditated crime. DNA would prove that in today’s world.

    Can you imagine John Edwards as our President? What a lier and two-faced rich man he is. Strange how the egos of such men push them into the public light. Like you said, our Attorney General will not bother with such a ‘minor crime’ from another Democrate? What does he care about the money and how it is being spent. Of course you know that because you just pointed it out above in Obama’s new budget presentation.

  2. Atlantic….AMEN! The POTUS budget proposal is more proof that he is”Clueless in DC”!!!

  3. Obama is truly NUTS! I will be so glad when he is gone! America will not make the same mistake again. A novice in the White House….incredible!! Donald Trump…..I think so!!!!!!!!! The other GOP candidates SUCK!

  4. Once again, idiots fall for other idiots. Trump knows how to get government bailouts. That is all we need. More people that can manipulate the system.

    Ron Paul is our only hope. Everyone else are one worlders!

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