Gaddhafi – Another One Bites the Dust????

Col. Moammar Gaddafi of Libya has announced that bin Laden is responsible for the problems in his country.  He described bin Laden as the “enemy who is manipulating people.”  He said the uprising is being led by drugged up and armed Libyan teenagers!  His bizarre behavior and recent appearances depict the Libyan leader as a SNL character who has lost touch with reality.  Being totally self-absorbed, it is predictable that he will continue unleash his military on the protestors to quell the uprising.  Though not verified, it  has been reported that more 200 have been killed by snipers and aircraft strafing the streets of Libya.

The dominos are beginning to fall in the Middle East and the consequences will vary throughout the region.  It appears that the king of Jordan has agreed to make changes to satisfy the public; whereas the people of Saudi Arabia have taken to the streets to support King Abdullah bin Adhul-Aziz.  Beside those mentioned above, protests have broken out in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Algeria.  The oppressed people of the Middle East and North Africa are beginning to assert themselves.

Iran and Libya will probably use force to deal with the protests.  Gaddafi will fight to “his last drop of blood” or so he says.  Most believe that Gaddafi is a terrorist and many believe he was the architect of the Lockerbie plane bombing in 1988 that killed 270 people.  Certainly, when convicted terrorist, Megrahi, was released by a moronic judge in Scotland, he was welcomed as a hero by the Libyan government.  That tells one all they need to know about Gaddafi!

Eventually, Gaddafi will fall; and when that happens I hope the US will track him down and give him a nice cell in Guantanamo Bay.

This is how he looked when he came to power!   Quite a difference from today!  Is it a wig or hair color?  Wonder if he has had an plastic surgery….if so, I would not recommend his surgeon!


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