Quick Hits – 3/1/11

++If you can imagine wanting “human breast milk” ice cream, then hop on British Airways and head to London.  A shop will be happy to serve you a scoop of “Baby Gaga” breast milk ice cream for $22!   And, if you are a new mom, they will pay you $1.60 for every ounce of milk you provide. 

++Christina Aguilera is not having a good month!  After screwing up the at the Super Bowl, Christina was arrested being “extremely intoxicated” when her boyfriend was stopped at 2:45 AM on Clark Street just off Sunset Strip.  She was close to Whiskey A Go-Go and the famous Viper Room!  Like all the stars, she will not be charged!

++Left Action, a liberal group frustrated over all the attention that Sarah Palin is getting is promoting “Ignore Sarah Palin Week” and urging like-minded souls to boycott any media showing Palin.  The website said, “You betcha we’re ignoring her!”   Dummies, you just gave her more publicity and credibility!!!!

++A Dutch family has been kidnapped by Somali pirates off the coast of Somalia.  The pirates have pledged to kill the family and two Danish crew members if any attempt is made to rescue them.  WTF…why would you sail around the ‘Horn?  I feel sorry for the family, but what were they thinking?

++The House has passed a CR allowing the federal government to continue to function by a vote of 335 to 91!  So, no shutdown of the government will take place.  Too bad, I say!  Shut the damn thing down for a while!  American taxpayers have had enough of the size, intrusiveness, and wastefulness of the federal government!  And, it will prove that we can do just fine without the feds in every part of our lives all the time!!!


2 responses to “Quick Hits – 3/1/11

  1. Agree that the Washington should shut down for a few days. And, if the Governor of Wisconsin doesn’t wimp out, other mid-western states will follow suit. Ultimately, Wisconsin will be the real test for Obama’s re-election. If Walker hangs tough and other states follow, Barack can never win in 2012 even if Stupid Sarah is the candidate. But if Walker caves, Obama’s chances dramatically improve.

  2. I agree with NO2U. Sure hope Walker hangs tough. The Federal Government is in a fiscal mess and an international mess as are many states. These are unpredictable times and I do not trust the gang running our Federal Government to do the best thing for its citizens. It appears their plan is to to bring the Unites States down to be “more balanced” with the rest of the world. Vote them out in 2012 is my advice. All the celebs rantings are just that. …rantings and I would rather not even know about it. A total waste of everyone’s time. That is why the media force feeds it everyday. It takes the focus off of the important news.

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