When Eating in Georgetown, TX

If you ever find yourself hungry and in Georgetown, TX., I can recommend a couple of spots for you to consider.  Georgetown is the home of Southwestern University with liberal arts and science programs for 1,300 students.  The Southwestern Pirates compete in most NCAA Division III sports….except for football.  But, I digress…….we are talking about food!

There are all the usual suspects (Applebee’s, Chili’s, Cracker Barrel, etc.) in the area; but if you want to try something a little different I have a couple of recommendations.  Austin Avenue is near the campus of the raging Pirates and is  home to one of the best restaurants where Jane and I have dined…Wildfire is locally owned and opened in 1997 featuring a variety of poultry, steak, seafood, and wild game selections for the most discriminating of tastes.  Located beside the Palace Picture Show (a classic old-style movie house), Wildfire is an up-scale/white linen tablecloth kind of place.  Exotic game is always featured and the wait-staff is professional.  I give Wildfire four stars for quality and affordability.

Down the street a couple of blocks, you can find the Monument Cafe which was opened in 1995 by a guy from New York.  If you have a good imagination, visualize a roadside diner on steroids….. you have the Monument Cafe. “Floyd” was a very efficient waiter who wasted no time in taking my order and punching my Quiche Lorraine selection into his little hand-held computer….very hi-tech for a cafe!!!  Floyd’s favorite word is “fabulous” as he scooted around the cafe like he was on a Segway!  All the staff was outfitted with white jackets and black pants….and their little computers!!!  The Monument clients include a heavy dose of senior citizens….or, as I like to call it, the “Blue Hair” crowd.  All the  older ladies were gussied-up in their “Sunday Best” for the mature gentleman on their arms.  The food is good, not excellent, but the price is right.  My Quiche, dinner salad, and bread costs $11….I left Floyd a whopping 20% tip!  And, the best part, I was in and out in 30 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, nestled between Wildfire and the Monument, you can find Three Legged Willie’s Bar!  I am not making this up, folks!  I did not stop in at Three Legged Willie’s, but I would bet that lots of Southwestern University Pirates spend their parents tuition money down at Willie’s.   I am not recommending Willie’s, but the name alone is worth a mention!

Austin Avenue in Georgetown……from the sublime to the ridiculous…..within 5 short blocks!!


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