Quick Hits – 3/10/11

++Vivian Schiller, CEO & President of NPR, has resigned after a taped conversation of NPR fund-raiser, Ron Schiller (no relation), called GOP and Tea Party members a bunch of gun-toting, white, racists.  Finally the true progressive bias of NPR was exposed for what it really is.  The firing of Juan Williams sparked much discussion about the left-wing operation.  Now, if Congress has any courage, it will de-fund NPR and let it compete on an equal footing with other programs!   But, don’t hold your breath!

++Hurray for Gov. Scott Walker and the Senate in Wisconsin.  They found a way to get around the Democrats boycott of their duties.  The fight is not over, but the Dems should have known that hiding like a bunch of children in day-care playground was not the solution to the budget woes of Wisconsin.  The GOP took a page from the Pelosi Playbook….they found a way to get the job done!  Well played!!!  Hopefully Boehner was paying attention and will play some Pelosi hard-ball with the House.

++The number of jobless claims increased this week after the unemployment rate went down last month.  Does anyone really trust the numbers that come from the government?  Seem a little contradictory?  Why not highlight the “under-employment” rate of 16%+.   That is the real problem with the economy!

++Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has launched a committee hearing on the radicalization of Muslims in America amid much controversy and renewed uproar about profiling and homegrown terrorists.  Is there a problem “discussing” threats to our national security?   It is time we opened our eyes to this obvious threat….no little old ladies from Nebraska have blown up anything recently!!!

++Wow, more evidence that the economy is reeling!  Seven (7) iconic movie posters sold for almost $2,000,000 on eBay!  Three were thought to be the only remaining copy of  “War of the Worlds”, ‘Forbidden Planet”, and “The Day The Earth Stood Still”….all  ’50’s sci-fi classics!  I wonder if the buyer was one of the new jobless claimants!


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