Jane’s Backyard Vision – Part Two

The bids are in and the selections have been made!  That sounded simple, didn’t it?  The truth is that I have spent agonizing hours collecting data, comparing brick samples, negotiating with contractors, etc., and missing precious time on the golf course! Of course, the way I am playing now, it is no big loss! And, the construction is underway!  Jane is a nervous wreck watching every move that the contractors make….and siccing me on them with a barrage of questions and comments.  But, I am good at being sicced on things….that is what I do!  And, Jane does not like to deliver bad news!  The pergola is finished and looks great (although it is HUGE)!  Now it is time to wrestle over the color of stain to apply to the beautiful cedar!  In fact, I sicced her on the guys at Ace Hardware to test several stains since there is no turning back once the stain is applied!  Now I feel important!  The fireplace is about 60%  finished and the brick layers are doing a fantastic job….but, it, too, is HUGE!

Tomorrow, the concrete/driveway guys show up to break out some perfectly good patio and re-design a free-flowing pattern that will embrace the ambience Jane is looking for!  Damn, that sounded good!  After the new concrete is poured, it will be stamped, cured, and stained (more decisions for Jane); then, it will be time to break open the champagne and celebrate!  Champagne for Jane; vodka (lots of it) for me!

So far, we have been blessed with good weather!  Assuming sunny days, perhaps I will have pics of the finished product (complete with the new patio furniture Jane has bought) in a week or so!


One response to “Jane’s Backyard Vision – Part Two

  1. Bob, it look like Jane is doing a great job….can’t wait to see the final pictures.

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