Operation Odyssey Dawn – WTF

America is lobbing  missiles into Libya at the cost of $600,000 per rocket.  France and Britain are flying fighter sorties as the lead players in the campaign to get rid of Qadhafi in an effort that is supported by the Arab League!  And, it is all for “humanitarian reasons” according to Hillary and Obama.  First, the name of the operation sounds like a new type of feminine hygiene douche!  Second, and  much more important, what the f#$k are we doing bombing another Arab country?  Haven’t we gotten ourselves spread a little thin in Iraq and Afghanistan? When I hear Obama say that we will not commit any “ground forces” to the battle for Libya, I am not convinced!  Let’s see….we are willing to fire Tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, but not willing to send in troops to overturn a ruthless dictator?!?!  Remember,  it’s all for humanitarian reasons!!!  Why select Libya for humanitarian reasons?  How about Darfur?  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for squashing Qadhafi (like the venomous bug he is), but what is Obama’s real policy towards the Middle East?   He has been less than friendly to Israel (our only real ally in the region),  indecisive in confronting Iran, and now has waited for France (of all countries!!!) to lead the way against Qadhafi.  This situation is just another example of how ill-prepared Obama really is to be the leader of the free world.  He is a follower……..not a leader.  A leader would have engaged one of two policies: 1) Qadhafi is a war criminal responsible for the Pan Am tragedy that killed 190 Americans over Scotland, a supporter of global terrorism,and should be routed; or 2) Libya is involved in a civil war and America needs to stay out of it!  What does Obama/Clinton do?  Sniff the air to see how bad the stench is and then make a middle-of-the-road decision that does not show that America is a powerful force to be reckoned with!  Again, we have thrown our cards on the table for everyone to see…….another terrible policy decision!  Sorry, I just don’t get what Obama is doing!  A rookie at the throttle….bad news!!!  Or, is he  accomplishing his real objective?!?!

Peace is the Middle East has never been an objective of the Arab world…to the Arabs, peace is a quiet repose between wars!


One response to “Operation Odyssey Dawn – WTF

  1. Bob, I hear you loud and clear. What does not make sense usually has a hidden agenda. What the agenda is…who really knows…just that there is one. I agree, Obama is not ‘The Leader’ of the free world. Then, who is he and what is he really doing? Nothing he does makes sense to me.

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