Quick Hits – 3/21/11

++Tiger Woods has a new girlfriend.  She is a 22 year-old “student” in West Palm Beach, FL., and, supposedly has been a frequent guest on his yacht and at his new $60 million bachelor pad!  Oh, Tiger…say “It ain’t so!”  Maybe his game will improve now!!

++Where is Charlie Sheen?  The disaster in Japan and the civil war in Libya have pushed Charlie off the front page.   I wonder what his next publicity stunt will be?

++Mobile phone giant, AT&T, has gobbled up T-Mobile and, if approved by the Justice Department and FCC, it will  become the nation’s largest carrier.  It also will mean that the entire American market will basically be controlled by only three companies!  Look for your cell phone bills to increase…..again!

++On March 31, the Major League Baseball season officially opens with 6 games on tap….headlined by the Yankees and Detroit Tigers.  The Boys of Summer are back!

++Finally, Kirstie Alley will be making her debut on Dancing With The Stars with her partner, Maksim Cherkovskiy (good luck with the pronunciation!!!) in the upcoming season of DWTS!  I hope the dance floor is re-inforced with rebar as she trips the light fantastic!  And, watch out for the Scientology vote to carry here through the first few rounds!  L. Ron Hubbard will be watching from his spaceship!


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