Obama & the War on Gaddafi

If you regularly read this blog, you are familiar with my problems with Barrack Obama in his role as the leader of the free world.  His address attempting to explain his decision to involve America’s military in Libya’s civil war had some good moments when he waxed philosophically about the need for leadership in the pursuit of human dignity.  As background, Obama give us a little history lesson on the “brutal regime” Gaddafi has led for four decades; but failed to mention, specifically, the bombing of Pan Am 103 in 1988 which killed over 2oo Americans.  He said that Gaddafi has “lost the confidence of his people.”  What a pile……a brutal dictator never has the confidence of his people.  Control is maintained with fear!  He also failed to explain that eastern Libya has been a futile ground for al-Qaeda and terrorism for years.  Instead, he chose to concentrate on the “humanitarian” reasons for our effort in Libya.  Well, if humanitarian reasons were the factor that pushed us into Libya, what about Syria?  Or North Korea?  Or Iran? Or Darfur? Etc.

What really confused me was Obama’s claim that “regime change” was not his objective!  But, he has stated that Gaddafi has to be put down…like the “mad dog” that Reagan described during his presidency!  Obama, once again, criticized Bush and his strategy in Iraq!  (Will the Bush Bashing ever end!  Man up, Obama!!)   As it has evolved so far, the Bush strategy was correct!  The Arab world is ready for democracy; and Arab  youth is striving for more freedom and self-government. 

Finally (before my head explodes), Obama seemed to apologize for American resolve, strength, and leadership again.  He wants to pass this issue (of American national interest, according to Obama, himself) off to NATO.  Either fish or cut bait, Barrack!!  The speech was weak, too long, lacking in specifics, and uninspiring!  He did not define “victory” or his exit strategy!  2012 can’t get here fast enough!!!

P.S. Obama probably has bruises all over from patting himself on the back for all he has accomplished in only 30 days!  Ugh!!


10 responses to “Obama & the War on Gaddafi

  1. This was all about the President’s pragmatic approach to everything, which some perceive as weakness. This was a unique set of circumstances, as I’ve outlined. My question remains: What was the alternative?

  2. What was the alternative? You must be kidding!! Do nothing was an alternative! Nuke the joint was an alternative! Obama took the path of least resistance….his usual tactic! He has no coherent foreign policy! And that makes him dangerous!

  3. Do nothing would have resulted in the loss of a hundred thousand Libyans. Nuke the joint would have started WW III.

  4. The real question is: Why Libya as opposed other repressive regimes in the world? I think the answer is a three letter word – OIL!

  5. Frankly, the biggest issue for me is determining who the Libyan rebels are? Are their roots in the Arab Brotherhood? With al-Quada? There is no real leadership in the rebellion! Could the US be assisting a terrorist organization or promoting another Iran style regime? There are many unanswered questions!

  6. Kurt…you say “pragmatic” and I say “ideological!” Our president is a progressive, tree-hugging pacifist!

  7. I happen to be a lowly member of the DNC, and I just want you to understand, there are plenty of democrats on the left who think Obama is anything but.

  8. Kurt…Assuming you voted for him in 2008, do you plan to do so again in 2012? Just trying to understand what was appealing about him in ’08 and what democrats think of him now.

  9. Bob, I stand with you on this one. Obama is a dangerous leader of the free world. He may very likely be aiding our very enemy….terrorism. Obama does appear weak, therefore, makes the United States appear weak. Sure am looking forward to my vote in 2012. I hope we are not in World War III before November 2012.

  10. Obama’s idea of leadership is to jump in front of the parade after its direction has been determined by someone else. As a state senator and later as a U.S. senator, Obama railed against U.S. military intervention in Iraq. Obama did not seem to think that seventeen U.N. resolutions and documented cases of slaughter of the Kurds justified U.S. military action.

    Effectively Obama has voted present on the Libya question. The United States had to provide military and financial resources or nothing would have happened. Waiting for a permission slip from the U.N. is a sign of weakness, not strength, if humantarian concern was the justification for military action.

    Obama’s speech last night reminded me of the explanations of a child who has been accused of misbehaving. He threw out the humanitarian intervention idea to ward off criticism from the right. Obama threw in references to Iraq — a little Bush bashing — for his supporters on the left. It was the old “he hit me first” ploy.

    Lets face it. The wimp factor is alive and well at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This time the moniker fits.

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