It Begins With Us! (You’ve Got That Right!)

The race for the White House has now officially started.  Obama has launched his  2012 campaign with the slogan, “It Begins With Us!”  And, for once, I agree!  “It Begins With Us” to get this inexperienced, ideological, and inept president  out of office. 

In 2008, many voters went to the polls with stars twinkling in their eyes at the chance for a new beginning; while others went with disdain for the leadership of the outgoing chief executive.  Against that back-drop, America elected a virtual unknown to the most powerful position in the world!  Three years ago, it may have seemed like the right thing to do.  Change was promised!  Hope was promised!  Transparency was promised!  Nothing would be the same! And it was all bullshit!!!  The signature legislation of Obama’s presidency, Affordable Health Care, was achieved behind closed doors with bribes to naive and stupid Congresspersons!  (Thanks, Bart!)  Guantanamo Bay is still open!  More men and women are dying in Afghanistan!  The unemployment rate is almost 9%!  America does not have a coherent foreign policy!  And, the national debt and budget deficits are out of control!  Yet, Democrats and the progressive left will contribute $1 billion to get Obama re-elected!  All of us will be smothered with political ads until November next year.  Obama and other politicians will spend their time tending to their own careers and elections….leaving the real issues on the sidelines for someone else to solve.

There will be much more to come in the next 18 months…..but, for now, you are right, Barack!  “It Begins With Us” to shut you down!!!  Rise up, America!!  Prepare to add Barack Obama’s name on the long list of unemployed persons in this country!


4 responses to “It Begins With Us! (You’ve Got That Right!)

  1. Paul Kamprath

    Three years ago, it may have seemed like the right thing to do. Change was promised! Hope was promised! Transparency was promised! Nothing would be the same! And it was all bullshit!!!
    You may not be too smart if you think change is ever coming through a Democrat or Republican.

  2. Paul….If it is not a Democrat or Republican, who is going to make the changes? I’d like to hear your solution!

  3. The 2012 election cycle will be a new challenge for BHO. He has never had a record to defend when he has been on the ballot in past elections. This time the election will be the ultimate referendum on Obama and his policies.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Contrary to what Obama and the Democrats seem to think, the American electorate is not stupid. Demogoguery and rhetorical flourishes can not make up for deceit, arrogance, and ineptitude. Obama and the Democrats are going down.

  4. They do think we are stupid! Let’s they are not proven right! Ineptitude….a perfect description of BHO!

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