Dems…..More Cheese with your Whine!!!

The budget crisis (that was created when the Pelosi House FAILED to pass a budget last year) has Obama, Reid, & Pelosi whining like babies….and I am happy to see them feel what Conservatives felt when they rammed Obamacare down the throats of taxpayers!!!   Their pleading and fear mongering (seniors will starve to death and the economy will crumble)  has me laughing so hard, I may crack a rib!  Boo!  Hoo!!Now, Obama has threatened to veto the measure passed by the House (247 to 181) to stave off the shutdown of the government for another week so the parties can have more time to consider the 2011 budget that the Pelosi House would not even propose last year.  Nancy elected to “punt” and kicked the can down the road!  Be mindful that she stated in 2008 that the House has no greater responsibility than to pass a budget!  Remember, too, that during 2008, the Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and White House.  How could they not pass a budget…that is a mystery to me!  Complete negligence and abject irresponsibility!!

The Democrats are so invested in pandering to their progressive left that they are unwilling to deal with a budget deficit of $1.7 trillion and a national debt of $14 Trillion….and growing each day!!   The country is teetering on the edge of financial disaster like Greece, Portugal, and Ireland!  The only difference is if the US defaults on its obligations, the world economy will crater with us!

It is time to completely clean out the incumbent members of the House and Senate……oh, yes, and the POTUS!  Real change that reduces the footprint of the federal government in our lives is the only logical way to ensure a prosperous America in the future.  The “good old boy” system is broken….we need lots of “new good old boys!”

While I would not want to see the government shut down, even for a few days, it would not be the disaster that the Dems are “whining ” about.  Maybe it is needed to fully communicate to the progressive left how precarious the problem really is….and how much true leadership is required!

P.S. The GOP wants a $40 billion cut….that is 1% of the federal budget!  How can the Democrats deny a 1% cut in an inflated budget!?!?!?  Hang in there, Boehner!!


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