Quick Hits – April 15, 2011

Donald Trump is leading the polls in the popularity contest to select the next GOP candidate for president to unseat Obama!  While “The Donald” has made millions and has become a recognized brand, it is pathetic that Trump would be leading the list of potential candidates in 2012!  The GOP has a wonderful opportunity to unseat Obama (whose approval rating has dropped to 41%;and 68% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track). Sadly, we are forced to choose between the likes of Palin (no chance), Bachmann (little chance), Gingrich (lots of baggage), Pawlenty (who??), Romney (fat chance), and Huckabee (fatter chance)!  I am getting sick to my stomach!!!!  Please come to the aid of your party Gov. Chris Christie!!!  America needs you desperately!!

++The United States Postal Service (USPS) has issued a stamp featuring the Statue of Liberty!  So, what is the problem?  Well,  the keen minds of the USPS used a picture of the statue from a Las Vegas casino….not the real thing!  Were there any apologies from the USPS?  No!  What would one expect of an organization funded by and dependent on taxpayers for their survival!!!

++The Chinese government has unloaded $600 billion in US Treasury notes, reducing their total holdings to $1.2 trillion.  Do they smell a rat about the American economy?  Just a signal to watch!!!

++The national debt issues heats up as the debt ceiling will be hit in early May.  Some “funny money” manipulations by “Little Timmy” Geithner can forestall the inevitable for a couple of months, but the day of reckoning is near!  Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling when he was a junior senator, saying it would be a “failure in leadership” to increase the level of debt on America’s credit card!  Wait a minute!  Now he says that if we fail to increase the debt limit, the world economy will crash!  So, what is it, Barack?  Careful what you say as a politician…it can come back to haunt you!!  (www.usdebtclock.org)

++Megyn Kelly, FOX News popular mid-day news hostess, gave birth to a baby girl.  She and her hubby decided to name the kid, Yardley Evans!  Sounds like a men’s after shave lotion!  What a cruel thing to do to a new person.  I hope there are some significant family reasons to shackle a person with such a moniker!  Come on, Megyn!

++The state of Georgia has passed an immigration bill similar to the Arizona bill!  Can there be any doubt as to how the majority of Americans feel about illegal immigrants?


3 responses to “Quick Hits – April 15, 2011

  1. If by some absurd chance Donald Trump becomes a candidate and is then elected president …. I’m leaving the country for 4 years

  2. The GOP is giving the Democrats exactly what they need to re-elect Obama: a lousy group of candidates! The left will be dancing in the streets if the GOP ticket is Trump and Palin/Bachmann!!! Obama would win in a landslide!

  3. While it is true that the Republicans need to field a quality ticket, the left may want to think twice before break dancing about Obama’s reelection prospects. A very unpopular health care law; soaring gasoline prices; crippling national debt; rising taxes; and, a string of broken campaign pledges do not exactly serve as the basis for a winning message. Obama now has a record to defend. So did Jimmy Carter.

    The Republicans have shifted the terms of the debate in Washington. A messenger will emerge who can free us from the inept leadership of BHO. Obama is neither skilled or believable as a deficit hawk. The debates should be fun to watch.

    P.S. It will not be Trump!

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