SEIU + NBC + GE = Obama Re-election

So, who is going to be the president of the United States after the 2012 elections?  Will Obama be re-elected?  Or will some GOP candidate emerge to defeat the chosen one?   Obviously, it is too early to make any solid predictions since we don’t have a clue who will represent the GOP in 2012!  But, there are a few certainties that are rock solid! 

First, Jimmy McMillan will not be POTUS!  Second, 95% of the blacks will vote for Obama regardless of his policies or performance.  It is just the way it is!  Get over it!!  Third, the vast majority of union employees will cast a ballot for the Democratic place-holder!  Period!!  Most college educated, young people will also vote for Obama!  Why?  Why not!  Call it an “anti-establishment” vote! Or professors pushing progressive agendas on campus!   Most Hispanics will vote for the Democratic candidate because it could be their best path to citizenship!  Most significant and powerful, the media, mostly controlled by major corporations, like GE, will push for Obama’s re-election simply because they are traditionally left-wing organizations; and they fear the conservative, right-wingers of the Republican party!  Obama can do no wrong on NBC, ABC, or CBS!  He is the media’s darling!!  Finally, no liberal who voted for Obama in 2008 will ever have the courage or honesty to admit they made a mistake! 

When you put the pencil to the paper, Obama seems assured of re-election despite having a terrible record on which to run!  The left should be angry at his failed promise to reduce American presence in  Afghanistan and Iraq!  Let’s not forget his promise to close GITMO!  And, what about his signature legislation, Affordable Healthcare, which most Americans don’t understand!  There have been almost 1,000 exemptions granted from the “mandatory” part of the bill….but, no public option! Our foreign policy is pathetic; and America’s standing in the world is in tatters.  America’s credit rating has suffered a blow!  The national debt, budget deficit, and federal spending are speeding America into bankruptcy!  How could Obama be re-elected with such a poor record?  Why…..because he is a black, minority liberal who has captured the fancy of quite a few people with too much money who feel guilty about their (sometimes, ill-gotten, undeserved) wealth!  And they will always have the time-honored excuse: “It is Bush’s fault!”

Oh, yeah, the other reason Obama will be re-elected is that the GOP has a bunch of weirdos and mis-fits battling each other for the right to get their butts kicked….after spending hundreds of millions of dollars in a failed attempt to unseat Obama!  As a fiscal conservative and  centrist on most other issues, I  expect to be  pounded by my liberal friends…all of which are giggling as the GOP flails about like a chicken with its head cut off!  Chris Matthews (MSNBC) and all the other liberals are  loving the mess that Trump is creating! 

Maybe a savior will come riding in on his steed to save the day!  There is still plenty of time!   But, what looked like a sure thing last November has turned to horse race with the GOP stumbling badly out of the starting gate!!


One response to “SEIU + NBC + GE = Obama Re-election

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Where are intelligent good people who want to serve their country? The good old USA is heading for disaster if someone from the GOP who has experience, intelligence and is dedicated to America and what it has stood for, does not come forward and make a run in 2012.

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