bin Laden was put down!!!

Usama or Osama (whatever) bin Laden (OBL) is toast!  I wonder if  Mohammad has 72 “virgins” in Hell waiting for this murderous jihadist!  The USA initiated the hunt for OBL under Bush’s watch and the job was completed by the rookie who took 16 hours to decide whether or not to bring bin Laden down! Perhaps he had to get permission from Michelle!   (The military leaders must have been at their wit’s end.)  Regardless, the Navy Seals Team 6 executed the plan perfectly….and executed Bin Laden on the spot with a shot above the left eye!!

So, why not bring OBL’s body home to display like he reveled as victims of the Twin Towers jumped to their deaths on 9/11/01?  Undoubtedly, OBL relished in the anguish of the families of victims whose bodies were never found on that tragic day?  Well, it would have cost the taxpayers millions to try bin Laden, not to mention the publicity generated by the spectacle.  And putting his remains in a bag and sinking him to the bottom of the ocean will not give his deranged followers a place to mourn their prince!!! Good decision! One in the head; two in the sea!   Without a place to rally, his followers do not have a place to gather and recruit more fanatics!  Besides, America is too classy for such a display!  (Sorry, Hannity!)

At the end, Osama was not a noble soldier or enemy.  Did his wife become a human shield to prolong his miserable life?  Maybe, so!   The ultimate coward to the core…he recuited others to do what he could not do or was afraid to do himself!  Furthermore, how hypocritical of Osama to live in a million dollar compound (undoubtedly built with full knowledge of the Pakistan military) and not in some cave in the mountains!  He asked for the ultimate sacrifice of his followers while he  lived in relative luxury in Abbottabad (just down the road from Costello-ville)!

Furthermore, the role of the military and government of Pakistan in this entire bin Laden situation is open for question.  The USA gives several billion to Pakistan each year as part of a foreign policy initiative!  Did their military build his compound and protect Osama for the past 5 years?  Congressman Ted Poe has introduced The Pakistan Foreign Aid Accountability Bill in the House forcing full disclosure and full accountability of the billions being given to their government!  Good for you, Ted…..let’s spend our money at home!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the Navy Seals….Mission Accomplished!!  But, do not be complacent America; the radicals will seek revenge!  Be vigilant!  There are mis-guided, wretched souls ready to give their lives for jihad!  This was a significant battle….but the war is ongoing!!


One response to “bin Laden was put down!!!

  1. Bob, I could not agree with you more on this one. Pure evil was taken down but will rise again as it always does. Anyone or group who maliciously plans the mass murder of innocent people in every sense of the word is evil. Forgiveness is the greatest part of the Christian religion but when pure evil attacks it, it must stand in defense. Christians are finding themselves in a defensive war against jihadists.

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