Quick Hits – May 17, 2011

++Newt (what a name!!!) Gingrich announced that he is running for the GOP nomination to do battle with the Chosen One next year!  Newt is in Iowa trying to convince evangelical voters that his two divorces and the third marriage to the woman he was having an affair with is nothing to fret about!  If that is not enough, Newt criticized the budget plan of Paul Ryan.  Not off to such a good start, are you, Newt!!

++Usama bin Laden did not spend all his time planning mass murder and chaos!  It seems he had plenty of time to squeeze in a little porn as he planned jihad!  Oh, well, he is sleeping with the fish now!

++Just in case you are not a Nancy Grace fan, one of the lawyers for Casey Anthony (accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter in Orlando three years ago)  left her husband and 4 kids to marry a death row inmate.  What’s the old question:  What do you have when you sink 6,000 lawyers to the bottom of the ocean?  Ans:  A good start!!

++Ashton Kutcher is replacing Charlie Sheen on CBS’s former hit show, Two & One-Half Men!  Finally, the producers of the show have had their fill of Sheen’s antics.  Charlie, you just pissed away $1.5 million per episode!

++Speaking of celebrities,  the Terminator has been terminated!!!  Arnold Schwarzenegger has fessed up to fathering a love child with a household employee 10 years ago!  Maria, his wife, has moved out and Mr. Muscle will be the butt of jokes from the late show comedians for months!  I wonder what his old buddy, Jay Leno, thinks of the former governor of California!   Can’t use the Governor’s Mansion to shag any more,  Arnold!

++Mike Huckebee and Donald Trump have dropped out of the GOP race for nomination!  The progressive left is praying for a Palin/Bachmann ticket!  That is one ticket that Obama would defeat easily!!!!!!!!!!!  Chris Christie, we are calling!!


One response to “Quick Hits – May 17, 2011

  1. Newt is dead in the water! His abrasive manner and comments about Ryan & Romney have killed his campaign even before it started! Stay out, Newt….you have no chance! If you want to donate, give the money to someone else that might have prospects!

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