Chris Matthews: The New Keith Olbermann

On occasion, I watch MSNBC to see how the liberal left media is reporting on relevent stories of the day.  Today, Chris Matthews was trying to spin Obama’s betrayal of Israel as business as usual.  No surprise there!  But what is becoming very clear is that Chris is morphing into Keith Olbermann.  His rhetoric against the right is personal and vicious; he has lost any journalistic objectivity!   His  attacks against Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, etc., have degenerated into scurrilous rants that are based on emotion, not facts!  Careful, Chris, or you could be on Current TV with Keith!  Talk about a fall from grace!!!!


One response to “Chris Matthews: The New Keith Olbermann

  1. He has turned into an a-hole, hasn’t he! I thought he was pretty level considering his progressive tendencies until recently! Maybe he is having psychological problems! He asks questions of his guests….and then just keeps talking over them! Not cool!

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