Obama – Israel’s Real Enemy?

President Obama has finally done it!  He has revealed what many have thought for the past 2+ years.  He is more of a friend to the Muslim world than to our only real ally in the Middle East.  By changing America’s policy and endorsing a key Palestinian demand for Israel to return to the borders prior to the Six-Day War in 1967, he has thrown Netanyahu and Israel under the bus being driven by A-jad and the other Arab/Muslim leaders that want to eliminate Israel from existence.  Obama has seized this moment to reach out to the Arab world as his popularity among Muslim has fallen since the assassination of Usama bin Laden.   It is hard to imagine that Obama will get any Jewish votes in 2012; but since this announcement, he will get all of the Muslim votes….maybe that is what motivated him to change America’s policy!  Another sad day for America!


One response to “Obama – Israel’s Real Enemy?

  1. Indeed, very sad. I have not heard his speech yet, however, am not surprised by what I am reading here. His true colors have been showing for some time if anyone has been looking. I hope the American people are watching and thinking and will make a change in 2012. Obama is a smooth talking devil and many people seem to just listen versus watch his actions. That is a dangerous thing to do with anyone.

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