Social Security & Medicare – It is NOT Complicated!

Suddenly, the Ryan Budget proposal has everyone’s panties in a knot!  The left has sponsored media ads showing Grannie being thrown off a cliff!  The gnashing of teeth can be heard over bluster of day-to-day politics.  Nobody wants to touch the system because they are afraid of voter backlash.

The old folks are ticked off; and the young don’t care!  Everybody insists that if there is any pain, it needs to come from someone else…not me!  So, basically, politicians are kicking the can down the road until it becomes a crisis like our national debt problem!  Furthermore, everybody says it is very complicated to solve!  Well, I disagree!  It is really simple and if one uses a little “common sense” it is a no brainer.  We must start with the premise that both Medicare and Social Security are in critical condition… need of overhaul and modification.  Therefore, changes MUST be made…..just what are they?  While my suggestion may not be the end-all answer, it is a start from which other modifications can be made to drive the bus down the road, not into a tree!

First,  there is waste, fraud, and administrative inefficiency in both systems.  When Obamacare was being legislated (sorry, I mean railroaded), Congress pledged to take action to correct these problems.  Did they?  If you can point to one piece of action directed to these problems, let me know!   So, let’s get with the program Boehner and Reid!!!  Second, the eligibility standards must be modified.  If you think the only person that collects Social Security and Medicare  is the person that paid into the system, you are dead wrong.  Under certain circumstances, other people can collect up to 60% of the recipient’s monthly check….that means a 160% payout from the system.  This must change, too!

Finally, both programs need more money…..even if fraud, waste, etc., are brought under control. So, instead of making some arbitrary age selection to radically change the benefit payout, simply raise the employee and employer tax rates, slightly, OVER TIME, and raise the income cap to $1,000,000, GRADUALLY OVER TIME, to add funds to the programs.In 2010, the Federal Government collected 12.4 % (6.2% from BOTH the employee and the employer) for Social Security on wages up to $106,800 PLUS 2.9% for Medicare on ALL wages.  Yes, that is a total of 15.3%!!  In that way, the programs can be funded, efficiencies will be made, and the tax burden WILL BE EQUITABLY DISTRIBUTED across income levels!  This ain’t rocket science, folks!  We just need to recognize the facts and everyone pitch in a little!  And, yes, my conservative friends, this is a tax increase…..GOP administrations have been part of the problem; now both parties need to be part of the solution!

What I propose is a start to reforming the programs that will get the process going.  There could be modifications and better suggestions.  But, this would be simple and make common sense to the public.  Give it 5 years and see what happens!  What have we got to lose!  If we do nothing, we lose the farm!!

2 responses to “Social Security & Medicare – It is NOT Complicated!

  1. Bob, my friend, this is a nasty subject. Like you, I do not find it difficult to make tough decisions and to make changes that make sense. A lot of what you suggest makes sense. However, I will bet that if what you suggest was created, only the part of more income would occur without any of the clean up and efficiencies that would be needed to make the program work. That is what is wrong with our government. The leaders get the new income and do nothing about the current problem. How do you tie the two together so that one cannot be done without the clean up needed? If not, all you have is just a bigger mess to clean up.

  2. The current batch of politicians spend their time trying to get reelected…not taking care on the nations business!!! Vote them all out!

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