Greece Today….America Tomorrow? – Update

Over a year ago, I blogged that Greece had come face-to-face with the realities of a country mired in debt and the dire need to reduce the size and scope of government.  There were riots in the streets and as the unions and government clashed in how to solve the problem.  Well, even with mild belt-tightening, the problem is still haunting Greece.  Today the interest rate for Greece borrowing money to stay afloat hit 17%!  This all happened because, over time, Greece became an entitlement society….depending of their government to supply their needs.  In other words, they maxed out their credit card!  This is where America is headed…..and  today’s problems are clear evidence that kicking the can down the road is the wrong answer.  Wake up, America!  We are at a cross-roads!

So, how is the progressive/socialist form of government working for Greece?   The abundance of entitlement programs and government sponsored retirement plans have put the Greek government in the position of being forced to cut spending, reduce workers, and raise taxes.  There is rioting in the streets,  general union strikes, and three bank employees were found dead after rioters set fire to a bank building!  And, the Greeks expect the other European Union countries to come to their aid since they can no longer fund their sovereign debt.  Prime Minster Papandreou has announced cuts in salaries, pensions, and increased the retirement age  for civil servants; plus another round of consumer tax increases for the populace.  Furthermore, Moody’s is considering reducing the debt rating for Portugal; and the economies of Spain and France are under pressure as their debt swells towards critical mass.  The Germans are reluctant to jeopardize their economy to bail out Greece.  Let’s remember that most of the European countries have income taxes and value-added taxes!

So, is America headed down the same road as the quasi-socialist countries of Europe?  My answer is YES!  If America continues to expand entitlement programs and grow the size of government, eventually, the burden of financing this beast will overwhelm the system and a financial collapse of mega-proportions will sink our and the world’s economy!

We must get control of the national debt!  We must reduce the size and appetite of government!  We must reduce taxes to expand the economy!  We must get the progressives out of office!  Or, they will spend America into the same situation that Greece is in today!

If we continue to follow the current path, America is steaming towards the biggest economic iceberg in history.  Greece is the model of a country that was once very prosperous….but, the size of government and social programs has virtually bankrupted the country.  Take notice America!  It could happen here if our leaders don’t get the message being loudly sent by the majority of Americans.

It is truly time for CHANGE!  Real change!  Let’s start by voting out those that want to spend and expand the role of government….and vote for those that are fiscally responsible and will protect America’s borders!



2 responses to “Greece Today….America Tomorrow? – Update

  1. PainInTHeNeck

    I don’t know much about Greece and their social policies but I can tell you about Germany. I have a second cousin there that is upper class that broke her ankle, who’s husband’s friend is also a doctor, that happened to be with them when she broke her ankle. After taking over 2 hours (it was only that fast because of the doctor friend) waiting for someone to see her and figure out her ankle was broken, it took over one week to get it set. I have another cousin there that owns a business, he does not have medical insurance for himself, but is required to have it for his employees. Two of his employees ended up getting hurt, off the job, and he, along w/ having to pay for their insurance and wages, is having to hire employees to replace them but is sick himself………. and well, you get it. End story, he’s out of business.

    Yes, we are definetely heading in the wrong direction. I don’t get what O’bummer and his buddies are thinking, it doesn’t work Europe, never has, and isn’t gonna work here. It’s either he really hates the USA, want’s to destory anybody that is middle class or higher class, or both. Spread the wealth to everyone but his constituents I guess, shrug.

  2. Thanks, PainInTHeNeck for your comment on Germany! Sad ending for your cousins! England, Ireland, France, Canada……same stories about the length of time it takes to get healthcare services. What are the Dems thinking?!?!? Don’t want to wish away precious time, but, come on 2012….vote them out!

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