Congress Sucks!!!

As I listen to the media describe the process regarding the manner in which Congress (both the Senate and House) are handling our debt crisis, I am infuriated with BOTH parties!!!  The GOP made big promises when they won the 2010 mid-term elections…..and promptly caved in to Obama with an extension of unemployment benefits!  The Ryan Budget was soundly defeated by the Senate with several GOP senators protecting their re-elections (Snowe, Collins, and Brown are RINO’s)  voting against the plan.  The ridiculous Obama plan was voted down by all 97 senators.  The Dems panicked the voters with the Medi-Scare ad throwing Granny off the cliff…..and the GOP did nothing to offset the exaggeration and lie!  As a result, another GOP House seat is now in the hands of the free-spending Democrats!  The Gang of Six has fallen apart….Senator Coburn understands the futility and has taken a sabbatical!  It all leaves one with the impression that the ONLY thing Congress REALLY cares about is GETTING RE-ELECTED!  Screw the nation’s business….What is good for ME?   The 435 members of the House and 100 Senators are all sitting on one hand and have a finger of the other out testing the political wind!  Well, I have got one finger for all of those self-centered “servants” of the people….and you know which finger it is! 

Everyone in the country, except for those sucking off the government teat and the 535 elected “officials” in Congress (playing solitaire on their computers) knows that Medicare and Social Security MUST be modified or they will go broke!  Yet, a Democratic Senator proclaimed to the media that both programs were sustainable!  Foolishness!  Lies!!!

I urge each of you to contact your Congressperson and demand that they get off their butts and get to work on the business of managing this country.  The National Debt is well over $14 TRILLION and growing everyday; the federal budget is a joke…the credit card is maxed out; and there is ZERO leadership on Capital Hill!  The federal government must be down-sized….not super-sized!  None of them deserves to be re-elected for another term!  And, in 2012, Obama must go…..even if it means we have to suffer through President Palin!  What a horrible thought!!!

Click on  before you contact your Congressperson!  Scary!!


3 responses to “Congress Sucks!!!

  1. If Congress would just do what Obama wants, the problem would be solved. The right has no solutions except for saying “no” to all the good ideas of the Democrats. All the Republicans need to be replaced by Democrats. Obama in a landslide in 2012…he killed bin Laden! That’s enough!

  2. LeftandProud….what kind of meds are you on?!?! Some bipartisan leadership is needed now. Neither party, by itself, can solve the problems that face America! And, regards your bin Laden comment, any President that would have passed on that opportunity should be impeached! Maybe if Clinton had some grit in the ’90’s, 9/11 may not have happened!

  3. Bob, sure hope we get a new President in 2012. Sure hope it is someone who has the grit to clean up some of this debt that Obama has spiraled out of control. I agree with you, we are headed straight toward Greece’s financial woes without someone tough enough to clamp down on the spending. What a mess Obama has made of our American systems and ability to work and produce.

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