Quick Hits – June 1, 2011

++Rep.  Anthony Weiner (D-NY) “can’t say with certitude” that the pic sent from his Twitter account to a college student was not him!  So, you cannot say for sure that the lewd pic was not you!  Well,  I guess that is another way of saying it could be you!  If this was a republican member of Congress, the media would be drawing and quartering them!  Come on, Anthony, fess up!  We all believe it was your private parts….such as they are!

++Donald Trump and Sarah Palin met in NYC recently to discuss whatever two narcissists discuss!  God forbid that these two “celebrities” should get together and run on an Independent ticket in 2012!  Frankly, I think Palin is just hyping her brand and is not ready to step into the campaign!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it!  BTW, who has the best comb-over?

++Currently there are 50 million Hispanics in the US….16% of the total population.  Furthermore, Hispanics accounted for half of the population growth in the country during the last decade!  That is a lot of new Democratic voters.  Better pay attention, GOP hopefuls!!  Bone up on your Cinco de Mayo history!

++The House voted 318 to 97 not to raise the National Debt!  Lots of Democrats joined with Republicans to say “No” to putting more on the nation’s credit card!  The message to Obama is cut spending in a meaningful way or else!  Finally, maybe, they are listening to the voting public!  The GOP met with Obama to discuss the stalemate…..and Obama, supposedly the leader of the free world, has no plan to offer up!  Geez!!!!

++FEMA is reviewing 154,000 cases of potentially fraudulent claims paid out as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  The want $22 million (of the $7 billion, that’s right, $7 BILLION) that has been paid out after the storm ripped through the Gulf Coast!  Will it ever end?

++Finally, on the al Qaeda front……The US is attempting to negotiate with the Taliban in Pakistan.  Do you really think diplomacy with a mixed bag of tribal leaders and a corrupt government can reach an agreement to end the decades of war in Pakistan?  The US demand is for the Taliban to break alliances with al Qaeda!  The chances of that happening are the same as  Tiger Woods becoming POTUS!  And, the US is worried that Libyan weapons will fall into the hands of al Qaeda!  All I can say is:  DUH!!!


5 responses to “Quick Hits – June 1, 2011

  1. Thanks god for the no-increase-to-national-debt. And PRAY that Sarah Palin is only discussing hairstylists and not presidential candidacy.

    Lots of interesting things going on in the world these days

  2. Weiner is not doing anything wrong! It is his personal account; what is the big deal! FOX is bashing him for no reason! He is the victim!

  3. Seems like we have a lot of problems that our elected officials cannot and will not even try to fix. With officials like Weiner, who will not say if it is his picture, we are in deep trouble. LeftandProud, we are talking about morality here and if an elected official cannot live up privately to moral standards, then he/she certainly will not live up to them in a public arena. Believe me, Weiner is not the victim here. We, the American public, are the victims with such poor representation from elected officials. I just wish officials would focus on the right things and stop letting power go straight to their heads and create such bad behavior.

  4. Weiner lied to his family, his constituents, and the rest of the American people including his hero worshiping media friends. At least he “believes” all his cyber-sex partners were “consenting adults”. It sounds like Bill Clinton did more than officiate at Weiner’s wedding. Slick Willie must be giving Weiner lessons in dissembling, too. Even the wicked witch of the west (Pelosi) has belatedly thrown Weiner to the wolves.

    I’m can see how Weiner instills pride in those who see political survival as an accomplishment. Seattle co-eds, like White House interns, are just collateral damage.

  5. IMO, Weiner is the typical man-child that has never grown up! While his actions are not illegal, how can his constituents support his behavior? How can he be trusted with handling his responsibilities as an elected official! Yes,it is a different standard….but a justified standard based on the position he holds! Finally,how can his new wife trust this man? Hopefully, she is not another Hillary!

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