Tour de Farce

On July 2, the annual steroid plagued Tour de France begins on the northeastern coast of France and ends in Paris on July 24.   Everyday the race is run, the media will cram endless amounts of useless information down our throats about who is leading and how gruelling the 3,400 kilometres race is on the competitors.  And, of course, we will hear commentary on Lance Armstrong and his use and/or failure to use performance enhancing drugs!  This “sports” event is the dirtiest of all athletic competitions…..and we should not care about this event!  At least, I could care less!  In fact, I have no idea who won last year…..and won’t even look it up on Google!  But, this time of year brings out all the “Lance Wannabee’s”  riding their touring bikes on the streets of towns across America!  All clad in their little spandex tights, snug shirts, bottles of water, and pointed helmets, they believe that they, alone, rule the roadways.  They pay no attention to stop signs/lights, take up an entire lane, will not yield to autos, and pretend that they are in the high mountains of Lourdes in a world of their own chasing the dream to the Champs Elysees with an imaginary gaggle of fans cheering them on!   Frankly, they really piss me off!!!  There were several groups clogging the roadways on the way to my golf game this morning….and you don’t want to get in the way of a golfer who is late for his tee time!!!

So, guys (and, an occasional lady)  if you want to pretend you are in France competing for a title everyone else in the world thinks is a tarnished trophy, do so on your green belts!  At least, obey the traffic laws….and yield to vehicles!  Why should the rest of us have to watch out for you and your toy peddling to your imaginary victory!!!


One response to “Tour de Farce

  1. I always say… “They didn’t know where they were going, so I hit them.”

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