Weiner & Corporate America

Today, more photos surfaced of Anthony Weiner (D-NY) showing off his buff (??) body for the world to see on his Twitter account.  After lying about the photos and not being able to say with “certitude” that the photos were of him, he has finally admitted to the sordid mess that has become the Weiner Affair!  Even Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz have called for Weiner to end the embarrassment and resign. But, in typical narcissistic, progressive manner, Weiner has stiffened his back and said that he wants a PAID leave of absence so he can go to rehab….the normal excuse for the privileged!  Anthony, rehab won’t cure STUPID!  And, what if Anthony was an executive with a private corporation?  Would he be given the opportunity to go on PAID leave with benefits to pursue his personal issues after making a mockery of his position and his company?  The answer is a unequivocal, “NO!”  He would be fired (or asked to retire if he was vested) in the real world!  Only in Congress can a person besmirch the code of conduct and hang around to enjoy the good life.

How can Weiner not resign?  He has caused immeasurable damage to his new marriage with his now-pregnant wife.  Let’s hope she will have more moxie than Hillary and will not “stand by her man.”  And, where is the National Organization of Women (NOW)?  One of the people who received a Weiner twit was a young girl!  It is time for Anthony to throw in the towel (no pun intended) and back out of the national spotlight.  Do yourself, your wife, the Democratic Party, and the nation a favor and just disappear!  The country has too many problems that Congress should be trying to solve…..and Weiner’s escapades are distractions we do not need!


6 responses to “Weiner & Corporate America

  1. If Vitter can stay, so should Weiner!

  2. The problem is that this is not unacceptable behavior for someone on the left. They have fought the battle to eliminate God from our government, something the Founding Fathers did not intend, and have embraced every form of perversion and evil. So when Weiner does what is natural for a Democrat politician, he cannot see what the big deal is about. And our weiner Congress doesn’t either. They have the power to send him packing, but they won’t. They will hew and haw, but the bottom line is that they embrace this kind of behavior and will not only tolerate it, but I am sure they are patting him on the back, in secret, for being so virile. What weiners!

  3. LeftandProud, don’t you think it would be wise to think more about the shape the country is in due to people who do not use good judgement, and try to get wiser more responsible people elected to try to get a better handle on getting the country going in the right direction. This is about getting people back to work and building a great country again and not about supporting and fighting over dishonorable behavior. Let us all hope Weiner gets his life straight and sets a better example for his child than his conduct in the past, but let’s stay focused on what the subject really is and that is this great country we all call ‘home’. Let us clean up our home and let us do it together.

  4. Even Obama says Weiner should resign! To me, Obama should also resign…he has disgraced the office of POTUS more than Weiner has disgraced the House of Representatives! Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

  5. A truer parallel to the Weiner debacle is the case of Congressman Lee of New York. Lee resigned under pressure from the Republican leadership after it surfaced that he had gone on Craigslist looking for a relationship. Lee used a shirtless picture of himself during this process. Lee was gone almost before the lurid details of his actions surfaced in the press.

    Many Democrats are now clamoring for Weiner’s resignation. This began only after it became clear that Weiner’s weenie pictures were a liability for the Dems.

    Personally I could care less if Weiner stays or goes. He has destroyed any hopes he had for higher office. He is causing the Dems heartburn. What more could I hope for?

  6. Excerpt of Weiner Presser:

    Weiner: “…resign.”

    Constituent: “Good bye, pervert.”

    Needs I say no more???

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