Quick Hits – June 16, 2011

++ Joran van der Sloot, accused of killing Stefany Flores in Peru and suspected of the death of 18-year-old American, Natalie Holloway, is becoming a father despite being held in a Peruvian prison.  Joran has been granted “conjugal visits” by the Peruvian authorities and a “baby bump” has appeared on his girlfriend….who, incidentally, works at the same casino where van der Sloot met his victim!  So, the taxpayers of Peru are providing van der Sloot with room, board, and women!  Man, what an insult to the families of Flores and Holloway!

++It is interesting how the media differed in the manner of reporting on the Anthony Weiner resignation new conference.  MSNBC blamed the heckling on a single person when it was clear that several different people in the audience tried to shout down Weiner.  Well, what would one expect from the liberal media in reporting a sordid story!

++ Marriage, Anyone!  Paul Gutierrez of Chicago has offered to donate one-half of his annual salary to the charity of choice if  any one will find him a date that becomes his wife.   Paul, 36,  seems pretty desperate to find a companion!  BTW, his annual salary is estimated to be $35,000 per year.  I wonder how many gold-digggers will  bite on that salary!  Maybe he should give the Russian internet a shot!   Might save him some money and will guarantee that he finds a taker!

++Hockey fans in Vancouver went nuts when the Canucks lost the final game of the Stanley Cup against the Boston Bruins by rioting and surging through downtown Vancouver upset by the outcome of the game.  More than 150 were hospitalized and over 100 were arrested!  Damn, hockey IS a tough game!!!!

++ Steve Williams, Tiger Woods’ long-time caddie, has a new boss this week at Congressional Country Club in Washington for the US Open!  Stevie is totting the bag of Aussie, Adam Scott.  Scott, a guy with Tiger-like potential and a beautiful golf swing, fired his own caddie earlier this year.  Makes one wonder, if Steve is auditioning for another gig since Tiger’s career seems to be in some doubt!


2 responses to “Quick Hits – June 16, 2011

  1. Are they providing him pot, too? Hope he goes both ways because life in a prison cannot be pleasant! He might like it!!!

  2. What kind of woman would have sex with a murderer? She deserves the little bastard she brings into the world!

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