Golf From Hell

Obama, Biden, Kasich, and Boehner teed it up in the DC area this week-end!  News worthy, NOT!  Obama and Boehner beat JoJo and Kasich…..supposedly with Obama making the critical putt to secure the match!   Golf is thought to be a game where business deals can be worked out in the spirit of the grand old game  But, with the differing ideologies of this foursome,  you can be sure it was nothing but a meeting of the good-old-boy beltway club complete with lots of smokes and forced smiles!  Well, let’s hope they had a little fun….again at the taxpayers expense!  Security must have been unbelievable with the entire presidential succession in the same place at the same time!


One response to “Golf From Hell

  1. “After reading the posts on this blog, I feel like I know a lot more about golf . And based on the number of posts, I see I am not alone. My website, has not been up long, but I would like to refer people back to your website to read the info. Thanks again, Lisa Monroe.”

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