McIlroy Wins the The U.S. Open in 268 Strokes

Rory McIlroy was in a league of his own at the Congressional Country Club this past weekend.  McIlroy shattered the old U.S. Open scoring record by four shots.  He rid himself of any demons haunting him after his round four collapse at the Masters. The only choking on Sunday was by the talking heads who “wondered aloud” if Rory could close the deal this time.  It probably takes a golfer to appreciate the true magnitude of McIlroy’s performance at Congressional. The rough at a U.S. Open venue looks like a front yard that has been growing for weeks without attention. Rough of this magnitude would only be found within the hazard stakes at most golf courses.  A combination of McIlroy’s skill and strength tamed the Congressional rough.

U.S. Open greens are typically baked out and extremely fast.  McIlroy played 72 holes while three putting only once.  This is partly a function of McIlroy’s ability to hit his targets which allowed him to keep the ball below the hole.

McIlroy is the real deal. He is Tiger without the injuries and personal baggage.  Lets hope that Rory has the self-discipline to avoid the pitfalls and distractions that lie in wait for him.  McIlroy’s life was altered yesterday.  He is now a PGA Tour major champion.  Rory can add a big target to the many logos
adorning his shirts.  Unlike Tiger, Rory is unlikely to self-destruct.  However,
when Tiger won his first major, no one could have predicted the decline in
either his game or his personal life.

The USGA thinks of level par as a good score.  Rory’s record of 268 is likely to stand for many years.   The USGA will see to that by toughening up the courses in future years.

Congratulations, Rory.  It was a pleasure to watch you work.

P.S. Many thanks to a guest contributor!


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