Quick Hits – 6/23/11

++James “Whitey” Bulger, a top 10 fugitive on the FBI most wanted list was finally apprehended in his apartment in Santa Monica, California.  The Feds have been chasing Whitey for 15 years after he was indited for, allegedly, 19 murders AND racketeering.  Supposedly, Whitey was a member of the Winter Hill Gang, an organized crime league in Boston.  Whitey, age 81, was arrested with his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, age 60; and they went quietly!  At age 81, he will probably never live until his trial….so I say the statute of limitations should apply to this old pro and he should be sentenced to spending his remaining days with Lindsay Lohan.

++President Obama taps the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to stimulate the economy AND enhance his lagging popularity!  Obama’s administration is out of ideas on the economy, so he chose to add a two-day supply of crude oil to America’s demand to drop prices prior to the 4th of July travel period!  Barack, no one is fooled!  This is just another amateurish stunt that means nothing in the overall scheme!   BTW, Obama, the 30 million barrels of oil that cost ~$15/bbl. will have to be replaced with $95/bbl oil!  Really smart, you stupid………

++Now for a real FBI success story…..two men were arrested in Seattle after they arrived at a warehouse to pick up machine guns to use in an attack on a Military Entrance Processing station (which also houses a daycare center)!  Their intent was to kill as many military personnel as possible before they martyred themselves!  Both men were US citizens that had been radicalized as Muslims!  Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif (originally known as Joe Davis) has a prior arrest record!   Now they are crying for their civil rights…..in the Muslim world, they would have been beheaded by now!  End of story!

++Hugh Hefner, 85 year-old playboy, jilted by his 25 year-old “soul-mate” will endure the humiliation one more time on national TV.  Hef announced that a previously abandoned Lifetime TV Special on the wedding is back in production!  His “runaway bride,” Crystal Harris, Playboy Playmate, won’t be walking down the aisle; but expect this gold-digging bitch to make a cameo appearance!  She is keeping the $90k engagement ring, too!   This was not a May-September relationship; more like a February-December 29th relationship!  UGH!!!!


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