No Justice for Caylee!!!

Twelve jurors in Orlando, FL., acquitted Casey Anthony of the murder of her  2 year-old daughter despite a preponderance of circumstantial evidence to the contrary.  The only charges she was found guilty were 4 counts of lying to police (BFD) and I suspect she will be released in a few days on “time served” awaiting trial!  Many believe Casey will walk away a free woman after murdering her only child!  Throwing her body beside the road like a bag of garbage.  Furthermore, she will become a rich woman very soon as publishers and Hollywood producers will line up to pay millions for her story!

One of the prosecution’s arguments was that Casey traded the life of her daughter, Caylee, for the care-free life of a young person with no responsibilities!  Evidently, that argument held no sway with the jurors who could not find any motive for Casey’s alleged murder of the child.  Internet searches for chloroform, duct tape, failure to notify authorities of a missing child for 31 days, partying,  getting a “beautiful life” tattoo after the child’s death, etc.,  had zero impact on a jury that returned a “not guilty” verdict after only 10 hours of deliberation on a case that captivated the media for years!  The stunned look on the prosecutors faces’ was the polar opposite of the joy of the defense team!

So will we ever know what happened to this precious child?  Probably not!  Casey will never tell the whole story….if she is smart.  A child is dead; a family is torn asunder; and reputations have been ruined!  George Anthony will be labeled as a child abuser for his remaining days!  Cindy Anthony will be guilty of perjury for her remaining days!  Would you let your daughter back into the house after she caused you such irreparable damage!  She allowed her defense attorney to portray her parents as monsters!  Not me!

The sad fact is that no one will ever be brought to justice in the death of Caylee Anthony.  Long after this story is all but forgotten, some one will live with the guilt of taking part in her death!  We will never know….but, God does!

P.S.  The jurors won’t talk to the media about their deliberations!  Would you want to be remembered as a juror that failed Caylee Anthony?  They should go underground!  Shame on them!


2 responses to “No Justice for Caylee!!!

  1. When it comes to making tough decisions, we have a society in America who cannot and will not do so. The fact that a little 2 year old child who had no ability to protect herself from the very adult, Casey, who did not think enough of her daughter, Caylee, to call authorities and report her missing, is beyond my mind’s ability to ponder. There was plenty of evidence to convict if the jurors had the ability to put the pieces together. This is just one more indication that we live in a denial society.

  2. Reading comments on the ‘net, it seems the overwhelming sentiment is that the jury got it all wrong! Society no longer uses common sense….if it is not a CSI-type case with DNA, etc., matches, then innocense is presumed! As you say, atlanticwaters, we have lost our ability to “put the pieces together.” One comment was particularily pointed……one peson asked if anyone had Dexter’s phone number! Others asked what one could expect from “Floriduh!”

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