Obama Stimulus Cost per Job

The Obama administration released a report before the July 4th holiday week-end that showed that each job “added or saved” by the Obama stimulus program cost the taxpayers of America $278,000 per job!  And, for what!!  The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the unemployment rate was 7.3% while the “stimulus” was being debated in Congress.  Now it is 9.1%…..and Obama promised that it would not go higher than 8% if the stimulus was enacted!  When well we learn!  If his lips are moving, he is lying!!!!  But, things are not so bad if you are a member of Obama’s inner circle!   454 White House Aides (Obama lackeys) cost the taxpayers $37.1 million!  While 14,000,000 Americans still seek employment, working for Obama is a bonanza!  One-third of his aides earn more than $100,000 per year; while the top 21 earn $172,000 (the max allowed)!  Another reason why being a civil servant is a good deal!  (See post: “I want to work for the government” on 12/6/2010)   

And, sometimes, it seems that you don’t have to pay taxes working for the government!  Tom Daschle, Obama’s appointee to the run the Health and Human Services Department, owed ~$120,000 to the IRS and was never confirmed!  Little Timmy Geithner owed $42,000 in back taxes and penalties to the agency that he now runs!  Finally, as of the end of 2009, 41 people within Obama’s White House  owed a total of $831,000 in delinquent taxes!  Ain’t life sweet for the working man!!!


3 responses to “Obama Stimulus Cost per Job

  1. And we wonder what in the world is wrong with the United States? If the above does not answer that question, then you are too dense to understand anything pertaining to politics.

  2. The Senate put in a 25 second day this week. This strenuous schedule counted as a full work day. It would be nice if Congress were paid by the hour using their current salaries as the basis for the hourly wage calculation. Imagine the money we would have to apply to the national debt.

  3. Freddy….Great suggestion! Only problem is that it makes too much sense for our government to understand! Anyway, most politicians are already multi-millionaires who “serve the public” as a way to stroke their massive egos! On second thought, maybe it is “service” the public, not serve!!!

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