Senator Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) plan to give Obama free rein on increasing the national debt until after the 2012 elections is the most ridiculous piece of legislative failure I have ever seen!  If you read this blog, you know I am a fiscal conservative and feel, strongly, that raising the debt limit is a terrible mistake!  The government has to get its house in order!  John Boehner (R-OH), House Speaker has capitulated to this pitiful proposal.  It is another example of Boehner’s inability to lead the GOP-controlled House.   All conservatives, (Republican, Democrat, or Tea Party) should take this opportunity to vote “NO” if or when this legislation comes to the House!  The GOP presidential candidates will have a field day criticizing their fellow party members for having no backbone or conviction for a fiscally responsible government.  And, Obama and the liberals will be free to spend, spend, spend….while the wimps in the Republican party watch from behind the curtains as they get their noses rubbed into the dirt!  And, sadly, the GOP will deserve it because they have failed to defend their principles!  First, they gave Obama the gift of extending unemployment insurance…, they are opening the treasure trove to a free-spending progressive idiot that is trying to ruin America!  Their strategy is pathetically naive!  They seem to have been intimidated by Obama’s empty threat to stop Social Security checks on August 3!  Absurd!

Furthermore, McConnell’s proposal takes away any incentive for Obama to compromise on anything!  When pushed up against a hot pipe, McConnell threw in the towel!  Now that Obama knows that he will get his way and can spin this to his advantage (despite the fact that it is terrible for America), the Dems will totally disregard the GOP message.  Nice job, Mitch!  You belong in the Hall of Shame with Stupak, the traitor!  WTF is going on in this country?  Doesn’t anyone have any common sense!  Or any grit!  I guess not!!!!

Watch your (and your children’s) future disappear on:   Just double-click!


4 responses to “GOP SUCKS!

  1. The Federal debt ceiling will be lifted. The only real question is what concessions each side will extract in exchange for this action. Like you, I am appalled by McConnell’s inside the beltway style plan to kick the deficit reduction problem past the next election. In Washington it seems that “clever” procedural maneuvers qualify as responsible activity.

    Professional politicians view problem management as a zero sum game. Any ground ceded to the opposition is ground lost at the polls. The enemy is not the suffocating national debt. The enemy is their fellow negotiators.

    Business people and state governments are constrained by the requirement to live within their respective budgets. Bust the budget in a business and there will be consequences, initially for the employees and ultimately for the business itself. Just ask General Motors. Better yet ask the former bondholders of General Motors. Profligate spending at the state level can and does occur. However, there is a day of reckoning sooner or later. California, Wisconsin, take your pick.

    As long as politicians with short term contracts get to make long term budgetary decisions without the constraint of a real budgetary ceiling, out of control spending is inevitable. A balanced budget amendment is a worthy goal but little more than a pipe dream in reality.

    Divided government in Washington slows the pace of legislation and inhibits destructive change. It tends to protect the status quo. McConnell’s plan is an example of betting on the come. McConnell thinks the Republicans will beat Obama and recapture the Senate. If he is right, real budgetary change may be possible.

    Obamacare was passed bogusly under reconciliation rules. It should be more difficult to argue that genuine budgetary decisions should require a super majority in the Senate. The Democrats will squeal but they will be reaping what they have sown.

    McConnell’s plan clearly kicks the deficit spending problem down the road. It also hangs it squarely around Obama’s neck. Obama is almost surely a one termer. The Republicans are very likely to take over the Senate. Gerrymandered districts make it very unlikely the Democrats can retake the House. Lets agree to disagree on the debt ceiling for now and just say no on new spending initiatives. In 2013 we can undo the damage our incompetent President has done to our Country.

  2. Freddy….Thanks for taking my frustrated “rant” and distilling it into a logical, thoughtful analysis! What goes on in DC gets me very angry sometimes! Appreciate you having a cooler head! Also, let’s pray your prediction that Obama is a one-termer is accurate!

  3. Your rant is just that…..a childish rant! President Obama has done the best he could with the mess that Bush left behind. Big companies and millionaires should pay more to support the middle class. Stop the subsidies!

  4. Great idea, Lefty, let’s pay more taxes so Obama can spend more money on his left wing programs! Do you have a job? Or are you on the dole?

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