Quick Hits – 7/16/11

While the country’s debt problems are mired in partisan politics, the Democrats beat the Republicans in the Annual Congressional Baseball Game 8-2!  Doesn’t it strike you as odd that these “elected officials” would engage in a charity event while the country’s credit standing is at risk?  Boehner, Pelosi, Cantor, Steny Hoyer, etc., were there playing nice-nice!  I find it very hypocritical!  BTW, the Dems announced that they missed Anthony Weiner, disgraced NY pervert, because “he was a star player!”

++Casey Anthony’s attorneys have filed a motion of appeal for her 4 convictions of lying to police.  The appeal also claimed that Anthony is “indigent” and the judge could rule that the State of Florida will have to pay for her legal expenses!  Will this never end???

++Tom Watson, golf’s ageless wonder, made a hole-in-one at the British Open being played at Royal St. George’s in Sandwich, England.  The 61-year-old, 5 time champion of the Claret Jug, used a 4 iron for the 178 yard shot!  Well done, old man!  Show the kids how the game is played!

++Lady Gaga was egged by angry fans after her concert in Sydney, Australia! Evidently, her controversial performance was not enough to satisfy her loyal following!  Oh, well, throw a couple more shrimp on the barbie!!

++The Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas has warned recent guests that they could have been exposed to Legionnaires’ Disease!  I wonder if they also warned about STD’s that are available in Vegas!  In this case, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” does not apply!


One response to “Quick Hits – 7/16/11

  1. Knowing priorities or doing the most important things first is part of what is wrong in Washington as well as the rest of the country. The focus of Americans seems to shift so fast that ‘real problem solving’ is alwasys left hanging while some unimportant thing attracts attention. I fear it will be the undoing of our society at some point.

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