Obama: Can the Republicans say “Yes” to Anything?

The left-wing media has done a marvelous job portraying the Republicans as the party of “No” and attempting to polish the tin suit of their favorite politician, Barack Obama!  The Obama Administration and his acolytes have chided the GOP for not having presented a plan (which is political-speak for, “I don’t like it”)!  Let’s take a step back and look at some facts regarding the process attempting to get our gigantic national debt and deficit spending under control.

In January, the Obama appointed National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, a bipartisan committee, issued a report calling for “entitlement reform,” reduced federal spending, etc.; and the commission offered a list of recommendations including tax reform.  Obama dismissed the Commission report because it went too far!  (Political-speak for the progressive left doesn’t like it!)

Next, Paul Ryan’s House Budget Committee issued a report detailing a roadmap for dealing with the deficit and national debt.  The Democrats responded with vicious and dishonest TV ads vilifying the plan as an effort to throw Grannie off the cliff!

Next, the “Gang of 6” Senators attempted to come to an agreement to present to the Congress.  Those proceedings failed as Sen. Coburn walked away then the Dems demanded tax increases for individuals and businesses earning over $250k per year.

As the clock ticked towards the last-minute, in political terms, the House passed the Cut, Cap, & Balance bill that would have given Obama his tax increases and long-term cuts.  Where did it go?  Obama’s ally, Sen. Harry Reid, used procedural measures to keep the bill from being discussed.  If the bill had gotten a real hearing in the Senate, perhaps, some amendments would have been added allowing the Senate to approve the legislation.  But, no….Obama didn’t like it, so it got shelved!

Finally, as recently as last week, Boehner and Obama had a gentleman’s agreement for  a $4T cut with “revenue enhancements” (more taxes) of $800B. The plan was roughly what the “Gang of 6” had settled upon.  The next day, Obama took the “deal” to his caucus and then reneged on the agreement, blaming Boehner for being stubborn.  No wonder Boehner walked away…..and wouldn’t return Obama’s call!  Obama played the old switcheroo!

Now, as we all wait, impatiently, for some sign that the debt ceiling will be raised, the parties continue to play political games.  Obama blames the GOP!  The GOP blames the Administration!  The Tea Party blames the Left!  And, the Right blames the Left!

The point being that the Obama administration has offered NOTHING as a plan to solve the debt problem of America!  He is the POTUS of “NO!”  He has been, and continues to be an embarrassment!  An inept, inexperienced ideologue!!

God helps us all!!!


6 responses to “Obama: Can the Republicans say “Yes” to Anything?

  1. This notion that the US will “default” is just fear-mongering. The US gov’t has operated without raising the debt ceiling in the past and the sky did not fall. The feds collect $200 billion every month. Bondholders, social security, military, etc., will be paid. And even if the credit rating is lowered temporarily while the idiots in Washington are forced to get their stuff together, it is not the end of the world. The end of the world comes if we continue down this path to socialism and excessive spending! No economy can survive the reckless spending of the Democrats.

  2. I spent the afternoon yesterday with my beloved granddaughter, age 5. Miss K and her grandmother got into a bout of circular reasoning, “get down”, “no”, “get down”…. Ultimately grandma and I moved the dangerous perch out of reach. Miss K pouted for awhile but she finally capitulated and life went on.

    It seems to me that Obama is acting a lot like Miss K. He has exited stage left because he can’t get tax hikes through Congress while unemployment exceeds 9%. Speaker Boehner is standing his ground, the high ground. Ultimately Obama and the budget-less Democrats will be forced to capitulate on terms as yet to be determined.

    It would be nice if we could believe that Obama cared more avoiding default than his own reelection prospects. I do not. It seems that the Democrats and Obama are willing to bet the farm to get Republicans to agree to tax rate increases. They remember what happened to George Herbert Walker Bush.

    Shouldn’t the main event be avoiding default and credit rating downgrades? In Washington it’s all about political survival. The needs of the American people are too often subordinated to the desires of special interest groups that fund the campaigns of the politicians.

    Grandma governs by fiat. Trust me, I know. Obama does not have this luxury. Lets hope cooler heads prevail and a responsible path to raising the debt ceiling is agereed upon sooner not later. Our portfolios are dependent upon it.

  3. Maybe Obama should govern by fiat! Boehner and friends are acting like the kids and are trying to take their ball and run. Obama inherited a mess; and given time he can clean it up. He offered big cuts and the GOP said no. What’s he supposed to do?

  4. Big cuts? Please list a few of the specific cuts Obama as suggested.

  5. Come on, LeftandProud, we are waiting for your response!

  6. Lefty, still waiting.

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