The “Adult” Has Left The Room*

The slavish main stream media has consistently characterized President Obama as the adult in the room during the stalled debt ceiling
increase/deficit reduction talks.  According to the left leaning press, President Obama has been toiling diligently to transcend the partisan divide in Washington in order to forge a deal which will avert default by the United  States on its obligations.  After all, he is the one we have been waiting for, at least according to him. Well, the adult has left the room.
Despite his best efforts to drive a wedge between the Republican rank and file and the Tea Party caucus, Obama has not  gotten his way.   He bolted when his call for $400 million in tax increases was rejected by Speaker Boehner.  The so-called deal under consideration included $800 in new tax revenues but no new taxes.  Actual tax increases were never on the table.  Obama inserted this demand after meeting with the Democrat caucus.

Now the ball is in the court of the kids, the House and Senate leadership.  The adult is posturing in front of the cameras and threatening to veto any proposal that does not address the debt ceiling problem through the end of 2012, more importantly to Obama, through the 2012 election.  Meanwhile, Timothy Geithner, the tax cheat, is running from one camera to the next yelling that the sky is about to fall.

Obama has lost control of the debt ceiling narrative outside
the city limits of Washington D.C.  Most Americans no longer believe what Obama is saying.  He has taken too many contradictory positions.  No matter how well one tells a lie, it is still a lie. So Obama is relegated to waiting for a debt ceiling deal to come to him for his consideration.  This is not leadership.

Obama walked away from the negotiating table.  He can not raise the debt ceiling by fiat.  Reconciliation maneuvers will not solve this problem.  Obama can not issue an executive order to circumvent Congress this time.  Recess actions will not cut it.  Obama has to lead.  One will never do what he can not do.  Unfortunately leadership seems a bridge too far for this President.

The debt ceiling will be raised.  It remains to be seen on exactly what
terms.  We can all rest assured that Obama will run as fast as he can to the front of the parade once the direction of the parade is clear.  Some adults lead
and some adults follow.  Leaders are those who have followers.  Obama leads
from behind?  Spare me.

*Thanks to a guest contributor


One response to “The “Adult” Has Left The Room*

  1. No matter what really happens, the left-wing media will make Obama look good. He is the stumbling block in this process. If he had the country’s best interests at heart, this would be over and done!

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