Obama’s Appeal to the Public

Obama has made another prime-time TV appeal to the American public to produce legislation that will get him past the 2012 elections and make him look good to his left-wing base.  Sorry, Barack, it did not work!  It doesn’t help that he started his speech by bashing Bush….again!  Then he closely followed with the threat of an “economic meltdown” if the debt limit is not extended (another Obama lie) and railing on the Tea Party conservatives that are perceived as shaping the GOP agenda.  Overall, it was another pathetic, weak, pleading, and humiliating speech from the leader of the free world!

Obama is a broken record!  Tax the wealthy!  Eliminate subsidies to Big Oil!  And, let’s have a “balanced” approach to redistribution of wealth!  Does the man have no shame!

John Boehner followed Obama with a brief, well delivered speech that basically threw the responsibility for the budget/debt mess back at the feet of Obama!  Boehner called the problem “a crisis that he (Obama) created” and that Obama is on a “spending binge” with taxpayer money!  Obama’s only plan for a budget was voted down 97-0 in the Senate earlier this year!  So, Boehner knows what he is talking about.

The production has become pure political theatre…..with you and me as the unwitting participants that have to pay for the show!  Obama wanted everyone to call their Congressman!  Finally, something we agree on!   Call your Congressman and tell them how much you are “offended” by the size of the federal budget….and the tax bill you pay!  Remember only 50% actually pay any federal income taxes!  Think about that for a minute….before you call your Congressman!!


One response to “Obama’s Appeal to the Public

  1. As a small business owner, I am disgusted with this whole process!

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