The Debt Deal

Today, the “Deal” is being discussed and dissected by politicians and the media!   Obama has inferred that the Joint Committee appointed in the “Deal” will consider “revenue enhancers” when it makes its recommendations before Thanksgiving!  Pelosi has said “details are important” (even though she cared little about “details” when she pushed Obamacare through the House); and she pledged a “careful review” to “meet with my caucus to see how to proceed” with the proposal.  Rep. Paul Tonka (D-NY) said they “we avoided a default” and “an assault on the middle class”has been averted!  And the ever opinionated Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) pronounced the deal to be a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich”  as she confessed that she had not even read the proposal!  It is no wonder that Congress can’t get anything done!  A house-cleaning is needed in 2012!

The House and Senate leadership (and Obama) are lobbying their members to make sure this vote passes through Congress.  Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham and Michelle Bachmann, both Republicans, say they will  not support the deal!  And, Mitt Romney has finally “led from behind” stating that he is concerned about the bill!  Will this drama ever end?  I guess if everyone is pissed off, then it must be the best Congress can do!

P.S.  Can anyone tell me what a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich” means?


9 responses to “The Debt Deal

  1. It has always been a given that the debt ceiling would be increased. The questions outstanding were by how much and at what cost. Revenue increases have been avoided or at least postponed. Spending limits have been promised to offset the debt ceiling increase. It remains to be seen if these future spending reductions will actually happen.

    The talk in Washington is now about how much to cut spending and when. This certainly beats how much to raise taxes and upon whom.

    It seems to me that the “terrorist” Tea Party types have won the day over the campaigner-in-chief and his leftist cohorts at least for now. It is a long game. Lets all hope the ultimate winners are the American people.

    Nice picture of Sheila Jackson-Lee, Bob. It brings to mind Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin. I’m just sayin’.

  2. With the committee to be formed, aren’t we on a collision course for the same divisive battle at the end of the year? And what about the budget that the House must approve for 2013! It is a long game….the GOP needs to get tougher!

  3. Freddy….too funny!

  4. Bob,

    I’m loving the new civility in Washington. Biden called the Tea Party members terrorists, claimed they were holding a gun to the head of the House, and that passage of the debt ceiling bill would deprive the Tea Partiers of a weapon of mass destruction.

    Hopefully the pleader-in-chief will rush out tomorrow and give a speech on healing like he did in Arizona. Metaphorical flourishes by Republicans like Palin draw condemnations from the left. I assume they will be scolding Biden soon.

    By the way, did you happen to see Biden arrive on Capitol hill tonight. He was riding in a great big Caddie flanked by four even bigger SUVs. I wonder what the carbon footprint was for that little motorcade. Think green!

  5. Biden is just doing his job! And Obama will keep up the good fight! A few radicals have kept him from doing what is right. The Tea Party will ruin us all!

  6. LeftandProud….I disagree completely. The Tea Party Conservatives have completely changed the dialogue in DC. Left to his own devices, Obama would have wanted an increase in the debt ceiling with no budget cuts…and he would have pushed for more taxes to feed his never-ending hunger for spending more money and making government the ‘big brother’ of us all. In time, even you will come to appreciate the value of a peaceful uprising in a time of economic peril. These folks are not terrorists….just sincerely concerned taxpayers.

  7. Let me make sure I understand. The Vice President of the United States, President of the Senate, is dispatched to discuss a critical debt ceiling/deficit reduction deal with the Democrat Caucus (not the various sub-caucuses I wrote about earlier). The goal is to get the proposed deal passed through both Congressional chambers. Biden proceeds to trash his ideological opponents by using inflammatroy language previously condemned publicly by his boss, President Obama.

    Biden’s faux paux is leaked to the Press. Through a spokesperson he vehemently denies he used the word terrorist. He is contradicted by members of his own party who heard him say the inflammatory words.

    This is what passes for doing his job? Great job, Joe. You and your fleet are both of waste of energy.

  8. Friends and Followers: I now understand what a “Satan” sandwich is a metaphor for something BAD, distasteful! The Washington Examiner used this copy………Democrats grasping for words to describe just how horrible they thought the measure really was. “This is a Satan sandwich, there’s no question about it,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., on Monday. “With Satan fries on the side,” added Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Lee, trying to make sense of it all, said simply, “We’re eating some sandwiches we don’t like.”

  9. LeftandProud: Freddy offers this for your enjoyment. Double click, please:

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