The “Balanced Approach” Plan

Get used to the phrase, “Balanced Approach,” friends, because that is all you are going to hear from Obama and his minions for the remainder of his, hopefully, single term as President of the United States.   Obama used the Debt Deal as a stump to roll-out his campaign strategy for re-election today.   He called for the joint committee that is due to report on budget deficit ideas to take a “balanced approach”  which is Obama-code for increasing taxes.  He stated, in no uncertain terms, that we cannot close the deficit with just federal government spending cuts….revenue inhancements (more taxes) must be part of the equation.  Once again, he railed on the oil/gas subsidies and tax shelters, presumably used only by the wealthy!   The wealthiest among us must pay their fair share; and we must not put all the responsibility on the  backs of working middle class families!  And, we must have more money for “infrastructure” and jobs created by the government!  At least, Obama’s message has not changed!  Once an ideologue, always an ideologue!  His message continues to be rooted in his fundamental, progressive belief that America is best served by the “redistribution of wealth” and big government to save us from ourselves!

Of course, the conservative ideology is that government cannot create jobs…..real jobs come from the private sector; and bureaucracies that hinder industrial development should be eliminated or substantially reduced!  And, one can easily understand the problem when the jobs created by Obama’s stimulus package came at a  cost of almost $300,000 per job….and the unemployment rate is still 9.2%.  (Let’s not forget that the underemployment is about 20%.)

Can Obama really turn to the center and focus on creating real jobs in America?  Not unless he forsakes his left-wing base!  And, that will not happen!  Look for the unemployment rate to stay above 8.5% until Americans wise up and elect a Republican President and a Republican majority in the US Senate.  Only then will Obamacare become a sad historical note and businesses can get on with prospering through hiring employees and increasing our GDP!

Finally….good luck, Mr. President, in getting any substantial tax increases through the House.  The conservative landslide in the mid-terms has changed the conversation in Washington….and they are not going away!!!


5 responses to “The “Balanced Approach” Plan

  1. Look what your precious “Republicans” have done now. They are all RINOs with Ron Paul the only standout.

    Republicans do not know how to rule. They only know how to appease.

  2. Warren, you are right! The Republicans have messed up this economy bad! The Wall Street bailout caused by Bush’s unfunded wars and tax policies sank the economy and the Republicans are trying to keep it down to make it harder for Obama to win re-election. But, it is not going to work. Common sense will prevail next year!

  3. Post hoc ergo propter hoc. After this, therefore because of this. The Wall Street bailout was not a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bush tax cuts also did not lead to the bailouts.

    The Wall Street bailouts were necessary because of the toxic assets that were securitized and sold. The toxic assets were caused by the irresponsible lending policies of Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac. Lending standards were lowered. Subprime lending proved problematic when housing prices began to fall and refinancing became difficult if not impossible. Financial institutions quickly found their portfolios littered with virtually worthless assets. All of us are suffering from the ramifications.

    Obama needs no help from conservatives to further sink the economy. He just needs to stick to his big spending, Keynesian economics -based policies.

    Common sense has already prevailed. The Democrats lost control of the House in 2010. They lost seats in the Senate. Control of the Senate will almost surely flip to the Republicans in 2012. The Democrats must defend 23 seats in the Senate; the Republicans will only be defending about 13. Obama’s approval ratings are sinking like a stone. He will almost assuredly be a one term (failed) President.

    Be careful what you ask for, LeftandProud. Common sense winning out is the last thing this pseudo-Marxist President needs in 2012.

  4. Warren….At least the RINOs changed the dialogue from uncontrolled spending to modest cuts! It is not enough…but, it is a start! A Republican Senate and POTUS will be the only real answer to the problem! Bad candidates, though!!

  5. Bob,

    The current POTUS is taking his evil private jet, Air Force One, to Chicago to headline a couple of glitzy fund raisers. Tickets go for as high as $35,000 per couple.

    I guess the evil rich are only evil when they are creating jobs and paying taxes on earned income. They are not so evil when they are forking over big bucks to Slick Barry for his 2012 campaign.

    Hypocrisy exists in Washington? Perish the thought.

    Democrats want tax increases on the wealthy. Short of confiscatory tax rates on the wealthy, you cannot make a dent in the deficit. The big bucks would come from tax increases on the middle class. Better yet, how about imposing a minimum tax rate above a preagreed upon adjusted gross income amount. This would ensure that everyone has skin in the game. Go ahead, make our day, Democrats. We will help you pack.

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