Bus Trip to the Heartland – Great Idea*

President Obama has scheduled a multi-day, taxpayer-funded trip through several battleground states.  The latest spokes idiot, Jay Carney, has assured the adoring press that this is an official trip, thus the taxpayer funding.  It is noteworthy that Obama will not be visiting any states that McCain won in 2008. Instead Obama will be trying to stop the bleeding of support in states that he must have to win reelection.  Obviously the purpose of this summer tour is political, not official.  We taxpayers get to serve as cash cows for this charlatan.  What a deal!

By the way, Mr. President, I hope you enjoy your birthday.  Unemployment remains above 9% despite your reckless spending binge. The DOW dropped over 500 points today.  The S&P was off over 60 points.  The NASDAQ slid 120 points.  But today you are having a big birthday bash up in Chicago.  Most of us are not feeling as festive as our savings dwindles, our neighbors are losing their homes, and many of our neighbors fear for their jobs.

I am old enough to remember the Jimmy Carter years.  I never thought I would pine for the old peanut farmer who brought us double-digit inflation, gas lines, double-digit mortgage interest rates, and the most embarrassing foreign policy episode of my lifetime.  A rag-tag bunch of students and Muslim clerics held a group of American hostages for over 400 days without reprisal.

Mr. President, you make Jimmy Carter look like Abraham Lincoln.  It is a real shame that so many people fell for your rhetoric which was backed up by virtually no experience.  At least while you are trying to get the band back together in the heartland, you won’t be doing anything proactively to further damage the country.  Stay out there as long as you like.  It is on us.

All those who think they should be reelected step forward.  Not so fast, President
Obama.  The only thing between you and a primary challenger is your race, the one you checked on your census form.  Just ask your friends at the Washington Post.

Opinion Writer, Harold Meyerson, Washington Post, wrote an op-ed in which he cited issues with the Obama base; and the reasons that Obama will not face a primary challenge within the Democratic Party, despite his poor job performance. Below you can read an excerpt of Mr. Meyerson’s article; and click on the link at the end of the post to read the complete piece!

Meyerson: Obama’s first anti-gravitation device is Democrats’ awareness that Republicans oppose him totally and routinely on virtually everything, denying him not merely victories but even semi-acceptable compromises. Trumping all other matters of policy, the GOP’s chief goal, as Mitch McConnell put it, is to deny Obama reelection. The depth and consistency of GOP opposition helps keep Obama aloft within his party, even as it also drags down the country. Fear of Republican fanaticism also renders Democrats reluctant to weaken Obama with a primary challenge that could make him less electable in November 2012.

The other reason Obama hasn’t faced a challenge, and isn’t likely to, is that he’s black. Any Democrat who would challenge Obama, whatever the basis of his or her candidacy, would almost surely encounter intense opposition from the party’s African American base, the one group in Democrats’ orbit that regularly votes Democratic at a 90 percent rate. Such a challenge could create a rift that might take decades to heal.


*Thanks to a guest contributor


2 responses to “Bus Trip to the Heartland – Great Idea*

  1. Now that the credit rating has been cut by S&P, Obama is questioning the methodology of the rating agency and claiming that the Republicans, who won’t let him raise taxes, are to blame. This administration will not take responlibility for anything. It is all spin! Obama needs to have real energy policy (open up drilling & add hundreds of thousands of jobs), cut the budget of all federal agencies by 10% or more, and cut corporate tax rates, permanently, to encourage investment. This guy has no clue!!!

  2. The downgrade of the U.S. credit rating is comparable to the downgrading of the bonds of a private enterprise. It is unlikely a CEO of a private company could survive such a downgrade. Someone’s head would have to roll.

    Obama and his good buddy (Geithner) should both be fired. Tax cheat Timmy never objected to the wasteful spending on Obama’s watch. He is a partisan hack just like his boss.

    Obama is clueless, as you said PainIntheNeck. Unfortunately he has surrounded himself with equally clueless advisors. Many of these advisors have been jumping ship of late. The political landscape is littered with the faulty predictions of this band of fools. Passing the stimulus bill will keep the unemployment rate below 8%. Recovery summer is upon us. The health care bill will grow in popularity as people begin to see what is in it. A thousand waivers to cronies and the bill is still wildly unpopular.

    Good communications (reading) skills aren’t of much use when people are not listening. Many of us never believed you, Mr. President. A lot of the people who supported you in 2008 no longer believe you. The list of doubters is growing by the day.

    Here is a dime, sir. Buy yourself a clue.

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