Newsweek, Bachmann, & Sexism!

Normally being on the cover of Newsweek is considered a good thing!  Ask Michelle Bachmann what she thinks!!!!  The Newsweek photo makes her look like a wild-eyed nutcase….instead of a serious contender for the nomination for the toughest job in the world!  In addition to the unflattering cover shot, the caption of the article is “The Queen of Rage!”    This is not new for Newsweek, another left-wing rag!  Their cover of Sarah Palin depicted her as a “problem” for the GOP and everyone else.  This is another example of the media using their considerable influence to discredit conservative politicians.  The underlying message seems to be that Bachmann and Palin are women that should not be taken seriously!  Whether or not you agee with either’s politics, they deserve a level playing field….and it is not happening.  Could it be that the progressive left fears Bachmann and Palin so much, that their efforts to smudge their persona are backfiring in their faces.  The left has made Palin a local hero and a multi-millionaire!  Careful in trashing Bachmann….she may be your president or vice president in 2013!


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